Shari'ah Frameworks & Principles 2547 70.40%

Islamic Financial Markets 831 22.97%

Regulation, Supervision and Governance 77 2.13%

Islamic Economics 29 0.80%

Risk Management Principles 24 0.66%

General Issues and Challenges of IFS 110 3.04%

Total Fatwas in Database : 2414

Last updated 22 November 2017


Sectors of Islamic Finance Institutions

Banking 335
Consultancy/Advisory 24
Social Enterprise 0
FinTech 0
Takaful 32
Training 11
Hajj Services 2
HR 0
Investment 53
Micro Takaful 0
Microfinance 31
Crowdfunding 5
Research 8
Regulator 16
Waqf / Zakah Services 0
Retakaful 6
Education 7
Venture Capital 1

Latest Institution
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals - KFUPM

Last updated 22 November 2017




I-FIKR Ontology is a sophisticated innovative structure developed by ISRA. It maps out the entire Islamic finance industry, identifying the major branches, which are then sub-divided into particular topics. It shows the types, properties and interrelationships between the sectors. All the materials available on the I-FIKR portal are connected based on this rigorous and subtle design.

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News & Updates

Bitcoin and Ethereum fall after a $31 million crypto heist

21 November, 2017

LONDON – The major cryptocurrencies bitcoin and Ethereum were falling against the dollar on Tuesday morning after a $31 million heist elsewhere in the digital currency world. Tether, which created a cryptocurrency called USDT that is pegged to the dollar, said in a blog post on Tuesday that “funds were improperly removed from the Tether treasury wallet through malicious action by an external attacker.”   The US company said $30,950,010 was taken...

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Race is on for a global Islamic finance hub

21 November, 2017

With Islamic finance assets leaping to an estimated $2tn for both banks and non-bank financial institutions, and forecasts putting the volume at $3.2tn by 2020, voices have grown louder to establish a global Islamic finance centre that could be home to a central regulatory body, the frequently mentioned envisaged Islamic mega-bank, as well as central supervisory authorities. Such a global hub would allow the integration of the currently dispersed and...

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Judge rules in favour of creditors in Dana Gas Islamic bond case

17 November, 2017

A London High Court judge ruled in favour of creditors in a case over whether energy company Dana Gas must repay $700mln of Islamic bonds DUBAI - A London High Court judge on Friday ruled in favour of creditors in a case over whether energy company Dana Gas must repay $700 million of Islamic bonds, a copy of the ruling seen by Reuters showed.  The case is being closely watched by the global Islamic...

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