Current/Checking Account

A current deposit account is a form of demand deposit that offers users safe-keeping of their cash deposits, and the choice to be paid in full upon demand.

Can the Lessor Invest the Tenant’s Security Deposit?
Can High Net-Worth Accountholders Be Promised Special Privileges?
Can the Bank Impose Charges on Withdrawals from a Current Account?
Can the Bank Impose Restrictions on Withdrawals from a Current Account?
Changing a Check in a Foreign Currency; What Day’s Price Should Be Recorded?
Using Current Account Deposit as Pawn
Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Customer for Writing a Bounced Check?
Can an Islamic Bank Provide Aid to Certain Clients in Return for Keeping Accounts with the Bank?
RESOLUTION No. 86/3/95: "BANK DEPOSITS (Bank Accounts)"
Resolution No. 83: Amānah (Safekeeping) Precious Metals Accounts
Resolution No. 149: The Corporation usage/disposal of (inactive) small-balance accounts with the guarantee of such accounts
Can an Islamic Bank Sequester Funds in the Account of a Customer Who Applies to Open an L.C.?
قرار رقم 143 (1/16) بشأن زكاة الحسابات المقيدة وشركات التأمين الإسلامية والتأمينات النقدية ومكافآت نهاية الخدمة
الجوائز النقدية أوالعينية
الجوائز النقدية أو العينية على الحسابات
الحسابات الجامدة (غير المتحركة)
تقاضي البنك مصاريف من العميل لفتح الحساب الجاري وإمساكه
توزيع جوائز للحسابات الجارية والادخارية
Wadiah And Mudharabah Current Account
Transferring The Balance Of Certain Current Accounts To Savings Accounts
Can Money in a Current Account Be Used as Security for a Debt?
What is the Rule When an Unrestricted Investment Deposit Holder Wants to Withdraw His Deposit before the End of the Deposit Period?
Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Fee for Issuing a Bank Draft?
What is the Ruling on Funds with Unknown Account Holders?
Can an Islamic Bank Give Financial Aid to Charitable Organizations with Accounts at the Bank?
Can an Islamic Bank Give Some Current Account Holders Special Privileges?
Can an Islamic Bank Give Gifts to Holders of Accounts Having Funds above a Certain Amount?
Can an Islamic Bank Impose Fees on Some Accounts and Not Others?
Is a Customer Allowed to Transfer Funds from His Savings Account to His Current Account?
Is it Allowed to Deposit Funds in a Conventional Bank in Exchange for Reduced Fees on Tawarruq Transactions?
How Should an Amount Transferred from a Savings Account to an Insurance Account Be Considered?
Is it Permissible to Distribute Gifts to those who Open Accounts at Banks?
Is it allowed to charge a nominal fee on a VIP customer’s current account to cash issued cheques?
Application of Mudarabah Contract in Current Account Product
Current Account Product Based on Wadi`ah Yad Dhamanah and Mudarabah Contracts
Application of Conventional Overdrafts to Cover Insufficiency in Wadi`ah Current Account
What’s the Committee’s Opinion Regarding the Following Proposals: Accepting Deposits, Execution of Banking Services and Financing & Investment Operations?
How to Calculate the Zakat on the Bank’s Items Such as Current Account, Investment Savings Accounts, Investment Deposit Accounts and Other Items?
Is It Allowed to Collect a Nominal Amount as a Fee for Each Over-the-Counter Withdrawal Slip from a Current Account?
What’s the Shariah Characterization of the Current Account?
Is It Allowed to Reserve 10 Kuwaiti Dinars in Automated Service Accounts of Which KFH Will Invest 6 Kuwaiti Dinars While the Rest Will be Treated like a Current Account?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding Balances in the Claims Account That Have Been There for a Long Time Linked to Past Customers Who Cannot Be Reached?
Client Investment Savings, and Current Deposits as Guarantee in Murabahah Transactions

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