Interbank Deposit (Money Market Deposit)

Can Two Banks Agree to Allow Each Other Overdraft Privileges as Interest-Free Loans?
Can an Islamic Bank Allow a Client with a Large Account to Remain Overdrawn for a While?
Can an Islamic Bank and Conventional Bank Loan Each Other Money if the Loans Bear No Interest?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 153rd Meeting
Is an Exchange of Deposits a Type of Loan with an Added Benefit?
آلية إثبات القيد المحاسبي لعمليات تبادل الودائع (تبادل القروض)
القروض المتبادلة
Can an Islamic Bank Take Loans from Banks That Are Indebted to It?
Is It Allowed to Exchange Loans in Different Currencies?
Is It Permissible for Banks to Exchange Interest-Free Loans?
What Is the Ruling if a Debtor, After Late Payment of a Debt, Voluntarily Loans the Same Amount to the Creditor for the Same Period?
Intra-Day Transaction as an Islamic Money Market Instrument
Liquidity Management Instrument Based on Qard
Hibah in Interbank Mudarabah Investment Contract
Islamic Profit Rate Swap Based on Bai` `Inah
Mudarabah Interbank Investment as Underlying Asset in a Deferred Payment Sale
The Existence of Underlying Asset Throughout the Sukuk Maturity Tenure
Is it Permissible for the Bank to Place Interest-Free Deposits with Other Banks on the Condition that these Banks Place Similar Deposits When Needed?
Is it Allowed for an Islamic Bank to Provide Qard Hasan to Another Bank on the Condition that the Latter Sells Foreign Currency to the Former Based Purchase Price Determined by the Central Bank?

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