Investment Funds

Investment Funds means Investment Account funds. For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.

Leasing Fund: Calculating Zakah
Can an Islamic Bank Let Companies That Deal With Usury Have Current Or Investment Accounts?
Providing Customers No-Interest Loans to Trade Currency for Profit
The Owner of an Investment Deposit Account Relinquishes His Account to Other Depositors for an Agreed Price
What to Do with Profits from Investment Accounts Closed by Their Owners when the Old Address Is not Valid?
Can an Islamic Bank Fund Recreational Activities for Its Workers Using Depositor or Shareholder Funds?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 135th Meeting
RESOLUTION No. 86/3/95: "BANK DEPOSITS (Bank Accounts)"
How to Treat an Overdraft on an Investment Account?
Investment Deposit Account As Pawn in Murabaha Financing
قرار رقم 143 (1/16) بشأن زكاة الحسابات المقيدة وشركات التأمين الإسلامية والتأمينات النقدية ومكافآت نهاية الخدمة
احتياطي معدل الأرباح
دفع ضريبة عن مخصص مخاطر الاستثمار وقيدها على حساب الرصيد المتجمع في حساب مخاطر الاستثمار
دفع الزكاة عن أرباح أموال المساهمين أو الاحتياطيات
استثمار أموال البنك في الأسهم والعقارات
حساب فترة الوديعة الاستثمارية
الأرباح من وديعة الاستثمار
Can an Investment Deposit be Used as Security for a Deferred Payment Sale?
Does Profit-and-Loss Sharing Apply to the Shareholders’ Reserve Funds?
What is the Rule When an Unrestricted Investment Deposit Holder Wants to Withdraw His Deposit before the End of the Deposit Period?
Can a Charitable Organization Invest Donated Funds to Generate Income to Be Spent in Charity?
Can Real Estate Portfolios of Differing Status Be Merged Together?
When Should Profits Earned Be Credited to the Accounts of Investment Account Holders?
Can an Investor Withdraw from an Investment Project before Its Term?
Can a Condition of Investment Link the Right of Withdrawal to Relinquishment of any Share in the Profit or Loss?
Is It Allowed to Mix Deposits of Different Periods?
Can Investment Accounts Share in the Same Profit and Loss Calculation if They Are Opened on Different Dates?
How to Treat a New Deposit in a Mudarabah Investment Account?
Is it Allowed to Deposit Funds in a Conventional Bank in Exchange for Reduced Fees on Tawarruq Transactions?
Is It Allowed to Restrict the Right to Withdraw from an Investment Deposit Account?
What is the Investment Procedure in Case an Investment Savings Account is Opened in a Foreign Currency?

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