Home Financing

The most common models and structures in Islamic home financing as offered by many Islamic banks worldwide are either based on bay’ bithaman ajil (deferred payment sale), musharakah mutanaqisah (diminishing partnership), ijarah (leasing), or parallel istisna’ (construction-required sale). For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.

Real estate finance for building and purchasing houses
A House-Buyer Approaches an Islamic Bank Seeking to Cancel an Existing Contract in Order to Enter into a MurÉbaÍah Sale with the Bank
Can a Murabahah Deal for Real Estate Be Structured When the Purchase Undertaker Buys Half Up-Front Using Conventional Financing & Asks the Islamic Bank to Buy the Other Half?
Is It Allowed to Sell the Item Made through an Istisna‘ Contract before Its Completion?

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