Letter of Credit

Islmic Letter of Credit (ILC) is a written undertaking given by the Islamic bank, to the seller (the beneficiary) at the request and on the instructions of the buyer (the applicant), to pay at sight or at a determinable future date, a stated sum of money within a prescribed time limit and against stipulated documents which must comply with terms and conditions. An Islamic bank may offer ILC under several shari'ah contract, namely wakalah (agency), murabahah (cost-plus profit) and musharakah (partnership).

The Purchaser Opens an LC for Delayed Payment in a Foreign Currency; the Bank Gives a Better Rate for Holding the Money till the Payment
Can the Guarantor Charge for the Guarantee?
LCs: Partial Coverage
Letter of Credit
Obtaining LCs Without Adequate Funds
Should an Islamic Bank Refuse to Open a Letter of Credit for a Buyer Who Is Planning to Resell the Purchased Commodity to the Government at a Huge Mark-up?
Should the Bank’s Fee for an LC Opened for an Estimated Sum Be Based on the Estimated or Actual Value?
Taking Commission On Issuance and/or Confirmation Of LCs
The Bank Charges a Fee for an LC as Compensation for Missing out on the Difference in Currency Exchange Rates
Is an Exporter’s Acknowledgement of the Opening of the LC Qabd? Can the Goods Then be Resold?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Open a Letter of Credit to Import Women’s Clothes That May Not Be Modest?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Deduct Expenses from the Customers’ Accounts After the Value of Goods Has Been Already Assessed in Murabahah Letters of Credit?
Is an Application for Documentary Credit That Lacks Detail Valid?
Who Has the Right to Profits Earned on Investment of Funds Sequestered to Secure an LC?
A Correspondent Bank Wants to Charge the Islamic Bank a Fee for Its Part in Issuing a Letter of Guarantee. Can the Islamic Bank Tell It to Charge the Customer?
Is It Permissible in a Murabahah Contract to Add a Condition That KFH Shall Not Pay the Producer the Price for the Goods Until After They Have Been Tested and Approved?
Would KFH Be Held Responsible in Case the Shipping Company Acknowledged That the Goods Were Sound But Then Failed to Make the Delivery?
A Murabahah Sale in Which the Intermediate Seller Stipulates That the Original Seller Will not Be Paid until the End Buyer Tests It
An L.C. Application Missing Details about the Goods to Be Purchased
Can an Islamic Bank Facilitate the Import of Meat That Is Not Islamically Slaughtered?
Can an Islamic Bank Sequester Funds in the Account of a Customer Who Applies to Open an L.C.?
Can the Murabahah Seller Raise the Markup if the Deal Involves Advance Payment That Will Extend the Deal’s Timeline?
Can the Seller in a Murabahah Sale Retain the Goods as Security until the Buyer Pays for Them?
Damage to or Loss of the Purchased Good
Delay In Receiving The Goods
How to Terminate a Pre-Existing Contract in Order to Effect a Murabahah Sale?
If the Goods Arrive before the Documents, and the Intermediate Seller Doesn’t Know the Actual Price, Can the Deal Be Switched to Musawamah?
Informing the Customer of LC Expenses after the Sale Contract Has Been Signed
Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods Exceeds the Actual Loss; What to Do with the Excess?
Period Of Verification
The Buyer Guarantees the Reliability of a Fraudulent Exporter. Who Is Liable?
The Buyer Pre-Signs a Murabahah Contract and Deposits an Advance Payment before the Seller Buys the Goods
The Purchase Undertaker Requests the Intermediate Seller to Pass on Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods
The Purchase Undertaker Wants to Avoid the Expense of a Third-Party Inspector of the Goods before Shipment
التعامل مع شركات التأمين التقليدي
Murabahah With Exporting And Importing Companies
Using Murabahah In Cigarette-Related Sales
Various Issues
When the Goods Arrive before Their Shipping Documents
When the Purchase Undertaker Is a Distribution Agent for the Exporter
If Some of the Goods Are Damaged, Must the Price Be Adjusted?
Buying a Good When the Importer Can’t Pay for It; Then Selling it to Him
Trading in Statues
The Agent Buys the Good Back from the Principal
Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Fee for Changes to the LC Made by Telex?
How Should an Amount Transferred from a Savings Account to an Insurance Account Be Considered?
Is It Allowed to Set a Minimum Fee for Opening a Documentary Credit?
Is it Allowed for a Nominated Bank to Take a Commission for Opening a Documentary Credit?
Issues in Deferred Payment Documentary Credits
Is It Allowed to Take a Commission on Issuing Letters of Guarantee and Confirmation of Documentary Credits when Dealing with Foreign Banks?
Is It Allowed to Enter in a Murabaha Contract as an Agent?
Is it permissible for KFH to appoint a financial institution as its agent to issue letters of credit on its behalf?
Is it Permissible in a Murabahah Contract for the Customer to Haste to Accept Direct Shipment of the Goods before KFH Had Purchased Them?
What’s the Committee’s Opinion Regarding the Following Proposals: Accepting Deposits, Execution of Banking Services and Financing & Investment Operations?
Is it Lawful to Open a Documentary Credit for a Customer in Order to Import Non-Alcoholic Beer?
Client Benefiting from Commissions Given to the Bank in Connection with Murabaha credit
Client Guarantee for Commodity Soundness in Murabahah Transactions
Delay in Payment of Goods Price to the First Seller
Delay of Goods Arrival in Murabahah Transactions
How to Determine the Price and Profit in Case of Difference in Credit Currency
Calculation of Profit for Advance Payments Offered to the Exporter
Client Investment Savings, and Current Deposits as Guarantee in Murabahah Transactions
General Provisions of Agency in Murabahah Transactions
The bank issues shipping guarantess and clearance permits in a manner which implies that the client has opened the credit in his name at the bank, while the credit is actually opened in the name of the bank
Non-Receipt of Invoices in the Name of the Bank in Murabahah Transactions
Forged Documents in Murabahah Transactions
The Name According to which the Credit will be Opened
the Difference between the Currency of the Credit and the Currency of the Murabaha
The Deals Contracted between the Client and the Exporter Prior to the Murabahah Contract
Shipping of the Goods on Behalf of the Client
Using the Client License to Import Goods from the Exporter
Bearing of the Expenses Incurred before the Cancellation of Murabahah Transactions
تعزيز البنك للاعتماد المستندي بناء على طلب العميل وتحميل العميل النفقات
جواز أخذ الأجرة عن تمديد مدة الاعتماد المستندي
فتح خطاب اعتماد بناء على الفاتورة المبدئية المقدمة من الزبون
سداد البنك عند تخلف المتعامل عن سداد البضاعة في الاعتماد مؤجل الدفع
الموافقة على خصم الاعتماد مؤجل الدفع من البنك المراسل
شراء بضائع مرابحة بموجب اعتمادات مستندية
عدم إكمال الزبون هامش اعتماد البضاعة وطلبه من البنك شراءها
المرابحة / الاعتمادات المستندية
ورود المستندات قبل البضاعة في اعتمادات تمويل المرابحة
التزام الوكيل بسداد المبلغ الذي تجاوز به حدود التسهيلات الممنوحة له

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