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Is it Permissible to Charge a Fee for Cashing a Check in a Foreign Currency?
Which Day’s Exchange Rate Should Be Used in Repaying the Bank for Withdrawals on a Bounced Foreign Check?
Who Should Bear the Exchange Difference when Cashing a Check in a Foreign Currency?
Is it Lawful to Ask the Guarantor for a Guaranteed Check as a Security Deposit?
Changing a Check in a Foreign Currency; What Day’s Price Should Be Recorded?
Charging a Fee for Travelers’ Checks in a Foreign Currency
Is the Conventional Procedure for Dealing with Lost Checks Acceptable?
Selling Traveler’s Checks
The Customer Requests a Bank Draft to Cash It with a Foreign Bank, which Will Charge a Fee for Cashing It. Does the Issuing Bank Have to Inform the Customer about the Fee?
Can a Customer Islamically Transfer a Traveler’s Check to Another Person in the Same Currency?
Can an Islamic Bank Charge a Customer for Writing a Bounced Check?
Resolution No. 155: The permissibility of the Corporation charging commissions for selling or collecting back traveller’s checks
Resolution No. 184: Gifts offered by the Corporation to its clients for purchasing traveller’s checks
Can the Seller in a Murabahah Sale Retain the Goods as Security until the Buyer Pays for Them?
Delay In Receiving The Goods
بيع البنك عملة أجنبية لجهة ما بسعر يحدد مسبقًا
If a Customer Cashes a Cheque Drawn on a Foreign Bank, Should the Exchange Rate Be from the Day of Cashing or the Day the Cheque Clears?

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