Ownership means the recognition by the Sharīʿah of people’s ability to utilise a thing (ʿayn) or a benefit (manfaʿah) by making use of it directly, by exchanging it, or by giving it freely to someone else, thus excluding all encumbered disposition.

Is It Permissible to Engage in a Sale Contract on Deferred Basis with a Client Who Directly Communicated with the Producer Abroad to Send Certain Goods?
Will Shipping the Goods on the Request of the Purchase Undertaker Be Considered as Only Taking Possession Without Ownership?
What Are the Rules of Taking Possession in Currency Trading with Regard to the General Practices of Banks?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 156th Meeting
A Discrepancy is Found in Murabahah Goods That Were Sold before Possessing Them
Any Link between the Insurance Settlement for Damaged Goods and the Seller’s Settlement with the Purchase Undertaker?
Resolution No. 112: The permissibility of transferring the title of the leased property to the lessee and perfecting a lien on the property
Resolution No. 120: Putting the name of the Corporation in newspaper ads along with the names of agencies selling cars by installments
Resolution No. 151: the Corporation appointing the purchaser as an agent to determine and receive what he will eventually buy
Resolution No. 152: The Trade Line Scheme that the Corporation wishes to use in dealing with its clients
Resolution No. 157: The Corporation selling ready-mixed concrete
Resolution No. 159: The Corporation selling gold, silver and currencies to its clients
Resolution No. 161: The permissibility of the seller of a commodity to Al Rajhi providing a guarantee of the party purchasing from Al Rajhi
Buying A Portion Of A Land Through Murabahah
Can a Contract Be Signed with a Purchase Undertaker before the Official Ownership Transfer Procedures Are Completed? (1)
Can Real Estate That Is Bought and Resold Be Registered Directly in the Final Buyer’s
The Bank Uses the Purchase Undertaker’s Import License to Purchase a Foreign Good
The End Buyer Wants to Pay the Original Seller a Sum to Settle a Price Dispute between the Original Seller and the Intermediate Buyer
The Purchase Undertaker Does Not Want the Intermediate Seller to Incur Added Expenses for Insurance against Certain Risks (2)
Transporting The Subject Matter Under The Name Of The End Customer
Using Murabahah to Finance Charitable Projects
دفع الزكاة عن أرباح أموال المساهمين أو الاحتياطيات
Deferred Installment Sale: Issue Of Selling Assets That Is Not In One’s Possession And Compensation For Refusal To Buy The Subject Matter
Insurance Premium
Murabahah Mudawwarah: Actual Or Constructive Possession
Resolution No. 50 (2/6): Rulings on Installment Sales
Cancelling A Murabahah Contract
Ensuring Proper Separation Of Contracts
Murabahah With Exporting And Importing Companies
Owning Goods Before Selling It
Revision Of Murabahah Price
What Is to Be Done if the Original Seller Does Not Deliver the Good to the End Buyer?
What Is to Be Done in Murabahah about Anomalies in Delivery of the Subject of the Sale?
Deferring the Ownership Transfer of Shares Sold
The Buyer Asks the Seller to Store the Purchased Goods in His Warehouse
Selling Land That the State Has Decided to Buy, after Valuation but before Sale
Selling Goods Recorded as Accounts Receivable before the Invoice is Settled
Purchase Option Such That the Seller Will Only Acquire Possession of the Good if the Buyer Exercises the Option
Can Real Estate That Is Bought and Resold Be Registered Directly in the Final Buyer’s Name?
Signing a Contract to Sell Something to the Government before Owning the Product
Is It Allowed to Take Security for a Debt before the Debt is Incurred?
Is Storage in Public Warehouses with Certificates Detailing the Specifications of the Commodities Considered Possession that Allows Resale?
Signing a Contract to Sell Something to the Government before Owning the Product
Can a Contract Be Signed with a Purchase Undertaker before the Official Ownership Transfer Procedures Are Completed
Can a Building Be Sold without Selling the Land It Sits On?
Who Bears the Liability for the Goods in a Murabahah Sale at Various Stages of the Process?
If the Bank Buys Goods from a Dealer, Can It Make the Dealer Its Agent to Sell The Goods to Others?
Can the Bank Take a Non-Refundable Deposit from a Buyer before the Actual Sale?
Can a Buyer of Insurance Sell the Policy to a Third Party?
Can a Deposit Be Taken before the Sale if It Is Counted as Part of the Final Price?
Must the Owner’s Agent Reveal the Owner’s Name to the Lessee in a Lease Agreement?
Can an Equipment Owner Assign an Agent to Manage the Equipment Leasing to Other Parties for an Agreed Agency Fee?
Is It Allowed To Lease to the Seller through a Separate Contract from the Sale Contract?
Who Is Liable for Damages Caused to Material and Previous Workmanship in a Construction Contract?
Can the Bank (as the Contractor) Avoid Liability for Defects in a Parallel Construction Contract?
Is It Allowed to Sell the Item Made through an Istisna‘ Contract before Its Completion?
Is It Allowed to Appoint the Seller as an Agent to Safeguard the Purchased Commodity and Deliver It to Third Parties?
Is It Allowed to Appoint the Supplier as an Agent to Collect Earnest Money from the Client in a Murabahah Transaction?
Is It Allowed to Buy Spot from One Subsidiary of a Holding Company and Sell Deferred to another Subsidiary of the Same Holding Company?
Can a Parent Nominally Transfer a Piece of His Property to One of His Heirs to Facilitate Financing?
Is It Allowed to Buy the Shares of Companies That Deal in Interest in Order to Change Them?
Is it Allowed to Purchase a Property registered under the seller’s name with the condition that the seller shall then lease the real estate from the buyer?
Is It Allowed to Count in a BBA Contract the Increase of Market Value of the Asset?
Is it Allowed for a Customer to Replace a Good that He Purchased with another?
Is it Allowed to invest in projects that include loopholes related to bay’ al wafa’ (sale with the right of repossession)?
Is it allowed to sell the real estate if their owner does not possess them completely through legal documents?
What is the ruling on Sukuk al-ijarah issued by the Government of Qatar?
Is it Allowed for KFH to Ask for Compensation for Terminating the Contract of Sale?
Is it permissible to use vehicles owned and possessed by a company and registered under the name of another due to some laws?
Is it Permissible for KFH to Purchased a Leased Land, and the Usufruct of the Building Will Be for the Land’s Lessee?
What is the Ruling on Purchasing and Trading the sukuk ijarah that will be Issued by the Government of Bahrain?
What is the Ruling on Leasing a Building to the Owner of the Building’s Land?
Is it Allowed to Invest in Residential Complexes that Contain Mixed-Gender Swimming Pool?
Ownership Status of Ijarah Asset
Absorption of Costs Associated with Ownership of Asset in Ijarah
Liability of Lessee over Third Party’s Asset
Surplus Sharing from Sale of Ijarah Asset between Lessor and Lessee
Utilisation of Third Party’s Asset Acquired Through Sale Concept in Issuance of Sukuk Ijarah
Profit Accrued from Collateralised Asset Throughout Charge Tenure

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