Literally: to take something, to own, to possess. Technically: to take possession of something, physically or constructively, according to custom. Some said: to grant access and remove any actual obstructions [to physical possession] according to custom. Its essence is to be able to freely dispose of what is possessed. For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Dollars Are Purchased at Different Prices on the Same Day; Which Price Should the Customers Be Charged?
Resolution No: 13 (1/3)[1]: Concerning The Islamic Development Bank’s inquiries
A Shari‘ah-Compliant Alternative to an Option Contract
Buying Gold That Has Been Deposited with the Buyer
Can a Customer Islamically Transfer a Traveler’s Check to Another Person in the Same Currency?
What Is the Rule on Purchasing Gold Jewelry Set with Gems on a Deferred Basis?
Is It Permissible to Give a Discount to the Client on the Whole Quantity from the Beginning of the Signing of Contracts When the Commodity and the Payment for It Are Delivered in Stages?
Is It Permissible to Buy Goods Which Are on a Ship at Sea by the Testimony of the Carrier and Then to Sell These Goods by Making the Carrier an Agent?
What Is The Shariah Ruling on a Sale Contract When the Price Is Collected Before the Goods Reach the Country?
Will Shipping the Goods on the Request of the Purchase Undertaker Be Considered as Only Taking Possession Without Ownership?
Is It Permissible to Deliver the Goods Which Have Arrived Before Their Documents to the Client in a Murabahah Agreement?
What Are the Rules of Taking Possession in Currency Trading with Regard to the General Practices of Banks?
What Are the Rules Regarding Conditions Governing Murabahah Contract?
Is It Allowed to Buy Agricultural Products or Any Minerals Other Than Gold or Silver Which Is in the Actual Possession of the Seller?
A Discrepancy is Found in Murabahah Goods That Were Sold before Possessing Them
Resolution No. 65: Repurchasing checks issued by the Corporation to correspondent banks overseas
Resolution No. 120: Putting the name of the Corporation in newspaper ads along with the names of agencies selling cars by installments
Resolution No. 152: The Trade Line Scheme that the Corporation wishes to use in dealing with its clients
Resolution No. 157: The Corporation selling ready-mixed concrete
Resolution No. 159: The Corporation selling gold, silver and currencies to its clients
Resolution No. 161: The permissibility of the seller of a commodity to Al Rajhi providing a guarantee of the party purchasing from Al Rajhi
Selling Goods Based On Its Specifications
The Customer Colludes with the Bank’s Agent to Get Financing by a False Sale
Deferred Installment Sale: Issue Of Selling Assets That Is Not In One’s Possession And Compensation For Refusal To Buy The Subject Matter
Murabahah Mudawwarah: Actual Or Constructive Possession
Hibah In The Takaful Industry
Murabahah Structure
Owning Goods Before Selling It
What Is to Be Done if the Original Seller Does Not Deliver the Good to the End Buyer?
What Is to Be Done in Murabahah about Anomalies in Delivery of the Subject of the Sale?
When the Goods Arrive before Their Shipping Documents
A Commodity Purchase Option
Appointing the Original Seller as an Agent, and Making Him a Guarantor for the Price
The Buyer Asks the Seller to Store the Purchased Goods in His Warehouse
Selling The Subject Matter Of Salam Before Its Possession
Selling Gold Jewelry Set with Gems by Deferred Payment
What Constitutes Possession (Qabd)?
Is Storage in Public Warehouses with Certificates Detailing the Specifications of the Commodities Considered Possession that Allows Resale?
A Discrepancy is found in Murabahah Goods That Were Sold before Possessing Them
Is It Allowed to Take Security for a Debt before the Debt is Incurred?
Is Storage in Public Warehouses with Certificates Detailing the Specifications of the Commodities Considered Possession that Allows Resale?
Can a Contract Be Signed with a Purchase Undertaker before the Official Ownership Transfer Procedures Are Completed
What Constitutes Possession of Equipment When the Contract Requires Its Installation in the Buyer’s Building?
Can Delivery Be Deferred of Both the Sold Good and the Price in a Sale?
Can the Buyer Reserve the Right to Annul a Delayed-Delivery Sale Six Months after the Purchase?
Who Bears the Liability for the Goods in a Murabahah Sale at Various Stages of the Process?
If the Bank Buys Goods from a Dealer, Can It Make the Dealer Its Agent to Sell The Goods to Others?
Can the Buyer/Reseller Store the Purchased Goods in the Primary Seller’s Warehouse before the Second Sale?
Can the Bank Appoint an Employee of a Supplier as the Bank’s Agent to Receive and Deliver Goods?
Is Full Payment Required Up-Front if Delivery of the Purchased Goods Is Delayed?
Is It Allowed to Appoint the Seller as an Agent to Safeguard the Purchased Commodity and Deliver It to Third Parties?
What Is the Ruling on Buying Currencies?
Resolution No. 53/4/6: Possession: its different forms, especially its modern forms and their rules
Is Good Inspection Obligatory in Both Musawama and Murabaha Contracts?
Is it allowed to offer tawarruq on shares instead of construction materials (iron and cement)?
Is it Allowed to invest in projects that include loopholes related to bay’ al wafa’ (sale with the right of repossession)?
Is it allowed to invest on behalf of the customers in commodities and minerals in which banks compete to invest the wealth of their customers?
Is it Permissible in a Murabahah Contract for the Customer to Haste to Accept Direct Shipment of the Goods before KFH Had Purchased Them?
Is it Allowed to Enter into a Contract with an Owner of Residential Units in Makkah in which the Contract Grants KFH the Usufruct of the Residential Units for the Period of 99 Years?
Is It Allowed to Terminate the Contract of BBA That Began To Give Effects of Ownership to Enter in a New BBA with the Same Customer?
Hibah in Takaful
Proposed Operational Model of Commodity Murabahah House (Now Known as Suq al-Sila`)
Is it allowed to make a pre-agreement to execute a sale based on an endorsement of the bill of lading that transfers the ownership and without inspection of the goods described in the bill?
Is it allowed to make a pre-agreement to execute a sale based on an endorsement of the bill of lading that transfers the ownership and without inspection of the goods described in the bill?
What Is the Ruling on Financing the Purchase of Jewelry (Gold and Gems)?
Goods not Possessed or Received in Murabahah Transactions
Condition of the Commodity Possessed by the Purchase Orderer in Murabahah Transactions
Murabaha in Shares
Damages Resulting from Delay of goods Delivery in Murabahah Transactions
Delay in Payment of Goods Price to the First Seller
Selling Goods on Murabaha before Possession
Shipment Documents in Murabahah Transactions
Arrival of the Goods Prior to the Arrival of the Documents in Murabahah Transactions
ورود المستندات قبل البضاعة في اعتمادات تمويل المرابحة
Conditions for Validity of Bai` `Inah Contract
What is meant by this separating period of time? Is it in hours, days?

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