Gharar (Uncertainty): Gharar according to Wahbah al-Zuhaily is a contract that contains a risk to anyone of the parties which could lead to his loss of properties.

Leasing Software
Ibra’ Clause In Financing Agreement
Is It Permissible to Buy Imported Goods of Defined Specifications Which Are Still at Sea and Sell Them to a Trader? And Does Ijarah Cover All Types of Goods and Commodities?
Resolution No. 175: The impermissibility of the Corporation issuing the International Traveller Card (Iyābā)
Delay in Setting the Profit Margin of a Murabahah Sale to the Day of Delivery
Selling Goods Based On Its Specifications
The Buyer Pre-Signs a Murabahah Contract and Deposits an Advance Payment before the Seller Buys the Goods
تأمين البنك على أمواله وممتلكاته الخاصة
Resolution 149 (7/16): Concerning Health Insurance
Resolution No. 9 (9/2): Concerning Insurance And Reinsurance
A Service Warranty Agreement for a Car
Insuring Cars and Other Items
One Party Buys a Truck; the Other Drives It for Monthly Expenses Plus a Share of the Profit after the Owner has Recovered the Price of the Truck
Is It Allowed for the Buyer to Appoint the Seller as an Agent to Lease the Sold Commodity?
Is It Allowed to Sell the Shares of a Company While It Is Still Being Established?
Resolution No. 127 (14/1): Competition Cards
Is it allowed to sell the real estate if their owner does not possess them completely through legal documents?
Is it Allowed to Stipulate that Seller can Re-buy the Commodity if the Buyer Dies?
What is the Ruling on Individual Health Insurance for Receiving Medical Treatment Outside Kuwait?
Undetermined Sale Price in Sale and Purchase Agreement
Hukum Pelaburan Ke Atas Syarikat Swiss Cash Mutual Fund
Determination of the Percentage of Profit in the Purchase Promise
Application of Musahamah Concept in Commercial General Takaful Plan
Ibra’ in Islamic Financing

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