The Arabic word means harm as opposed to what is beneficial and it means to harm someone. Technically it is the same sense. One maxim says harm should be removed. For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Who Is Liable for Damages to Rental Property?
Can a Contractor Be Fined for a Delay in Completing a Job if No Damage Results from the Delay?
Claiming Legal Expenses From The Customers
Would KFH Be Held Responsible in Case the Shipping Company Acknowledged That the Goods Were Sound But Then Failed to Make the Delivery?
Is It Permissible to Stipulate a Penalty in a Sale Contract?
Buying A Portion Of A Land Through Murabahah
The Purchase Undertaker Does Not Want the Intermediate Seller to Incur Added Expenses for Insurance against Certain Risks (2)
The Purchase Undertaker Requests the Intermediate Seller to Pass on Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods
غرامة التأخير والمماطلة في السداد
تأمين البنك على أمواله وممتلكاته الخاصة
مدى جواز تسجيل المبالغ الزائدة عن أصل الدين ضمن أرباح البنك
Delayed Payments In A Murabahah Contract
Various Issues
If the Value of Insured Property Fluctuates, What Should the Insured Value Be?
Insurance against Investment Risks
Insurance against Vandalism
Insuring Cars and Other Items
Insuring Cash at Bank Branch Offices
Insuring Valued Possessions against Fire, Theft, Etc.
Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Allowed?
Marine Insurance for 110% of the Goods’ Value, Taking into Account Shipping Expenses among Other Factors
The Permissible Limits of Insurance Compensation
Transporting Goods with a Guarantee against Loss
Various Types of Banking Insurance
What Compensation Amount Should Be Obtained When Insuring Furniture against Fire?
A Penalty Clause for Late Payment
Can a Penalty Clause for Late Payment Be Added to an Islamic Banking Contract?
What Can an Islamic Bank Do if a Debtor Who Can Afford to Pay Delays Payment?
What is the Rule When an Unrestricted Investment Deposit Holder Wants to Withdraw His Deposit before the End of the Deposit Period?

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