Musawamah (bargain sale) is defined as a sale contract without disclosure of the cost price and profit margin. Hence, the price is determined by bargaining without reference to the item's cost to the seller.

Is It Permissible for a Person (Principal or Agent) to Quote a Price for Goods Before Taking Ownership of Them?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Buy Goods at the Prevalent Market Rate With a Possibility of Discount and Then to Sell Them to a Third Party on the Basis of Murabahah or Musawamah?
Can a Bank Choose to Execute a Sale at a Negotiated Price Rather Than Cost Plus Markup?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Purchase a Commodity from a Company Which Has Already Promised to Enter into a Deal with a Buyer?
Resolution No. 174: Adding a profit rate to the price quote of a commodity that the client wishes to purchase in murābaḥah
Can a Contractor Renegotiate to Get a Lower Price from Its Subcontractors without Passing the Discount to the Customer Who Accepted Its Original Price?
Can the Murabahah Seller Raise the Markup if the Deal Involves Advance Payment That Will Extend the Deal’s Timeline?
If the Goods Arrive before the Documents, and the Intermediate Seller Doesn’t Know the Actual Price, Can the Deal Be Switched to Musawamah?
Making the Original Seller the Bank’s Agent to Sell the Purchased Products to a Previous Prospective Customer
Must the Intermediate Seller in Murabahah Pass a Discount on to the Purchase Undertaker?
Selling Goods Based On Its Specifications
Shortfall in a Good Sold by a Calculation of the Amount
The Buyer Discovers a Defect in the Goods
Using Murabahah to Finance Charitable Projects
(الاتجار في حقوق الملكية الفكرية (الحقوق المعنوية
What is the Difference between Musawamah and Murabahah?
Should a Sale Contract Clarify Whether the Sale is Murabahah or Musawamah?
Is the Seller Responsible if the Buyer Sells the Purchased Good to a Sinner?
Is It Allowed to Bargain in an Istisna‘ Contract?
Is It Allowed to Use LIBOR as a Benchmark?
Some Aspects of Two Contracts in One
Issues in Deferred Payment Documentary Credits
Is Good Inspection Obligatory in Both Musawama and Murabaha Contracts?
What is the ruling on khiyar al-shart (annulment option) for the buyer that is implemented in a number of Islamic financial institutions?
What are the Rulings of Providing Special Advantage to Customers of Murabahah?
ورود المستندات قبل البضاعة في اعتمادات تمويل المرابحة

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