Bay' al-murabahah literally means increase in capital or profit trading. Technically, it is defined as a sale in which the mark up is disclosed to the purchaser as per the seller's purchase price for a trust-sale of a certain specified asset, excluding monetary assets such as debt. It may be contracted either on a cash basis or deferred payment basis. The main distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other kinds of sales is that the seller in a murabahah contract expressly discloses to the purchaser how much cost he has incurred, and how much profit he is going to earn in addition to the cost.

Can an Islamic Bank Share the Commissions Obtained by Its Correspondent Banks from Exporters on an LC?
Can the Commission the Bank Charges for Opening an LC Be Added to the Expenses Included in the Murabahah Price?
Letter of Credit
Obtaining LCs Without Adequate Funds
Taking Commission On Issuance and/or Confirmation Of LCs
Dual Promise in Commodity Murabaha
Can a False Statement Be Made to the Authorities to Facilitate Tawarruq?
Can the Bank Inform the Investor of His Expected Profit in Commodity Murabahah with Variations Based on the Currency Used?
Contract Of Sale And Currency Trading
Sukuk Murabahah of a Company That Mines Gold
Tawarruq Using Cement as the Commodity
Can a Murabahah Deal Be Combined with a Foreign Currency Exchange?
Can Usufruct or a Service Be Purchased and Then Resold to a Third Party?
Transfer of Contract With The Intention of Absconding One’s Responsibilities
Resolution No. 50 (1/6): Real Estate Financing
With respect to acceptable Murabaha sales, are the transactions described below permissible from a Shariah point of view?
تحديد سقف تمويلي لاستغلاله في تمويل صغار المهنيين بصيغة المرابحة
تمويل حق الامتياز التجاري بالمرابحة او الاجارة
مشروعية تمويل الأقارب في عمليات المرابحة
المرابحة بين الشركة الأم والشركات التابعة
المرابحة على بضائع مخزنة بمخازن مملوكة للبائع
شراء كمية البضاعة المطلوبة على دفعات في حالة المرابحة
شحن البضاعة باسم البنك دون أمره
استلام مستندات من المصدر تحمل اسم البنك والعميل في المرابحة
المستندات في المرابحة
تملك السلعة في الرابحة
تأجيل فترة المرابحة
تحديد سقف تمويلي لاستغلاله في تمويل صغار المهنيين عن طريق المرابحة
طريقة حساب الأرباح لمرابحة متساوية الاقساط
بيع السلعة مرابحة بالأجل
شراء وبيع سلعة بالمرابحة المؤجلة
امكانية تنفيذ المرابحات الحولارية
هوامش معاملات التمويل بالمرابحة
الغش والخداع من قبل العميل في عمليات المرابحة
الدليل التفصيلي لإجراءات المرابحة وفقًا للتسلسل الزمني
معالجة موضوع المرابحات بضمان ودائع
بيع المرابحة وخصم الأوراق التجارية
إدماج المصاريف المترتبة عن رهن العقار في تكاليف عملية المرابحة
تخفيض نسبة الأرباح في حالة سداد الدين قبل حلول أجل المرابحة
ربط نسبة الربح بالأجل زيادة أو نقصا في عقود المرابحة
تحويل عملية مرابحة فاسدة إلى قرض حسن
تمويل شراء سيارات للموظفين بالمرابحة
جدولة ديون المرابحات المتعثرة
تمويل مرابحات السلع الدولية
مرابحة السلع الدولية
مستندات المرابحة
مستندات الوعد بالشراء في المرابحة
تمويل الخدمات بالمرابحة
تمويل العقارات مرابحة
تسجيل الأرض في السجل العقاري
المرابحة في شراء أرض
تحديد مخصصات لعميل في البنك في بيع المرابحة مقابل ايداعه مبلغ مالي كضمان
شراء وبيع السيارات مرابحة
تمويل السيارات والسلع والتجهيزات مرابحة
شراء تجهيزات منزلية وبيعها للعملاء مرابحة
شراء السيارات من الوكيل الرسمي ثم بيعها مرابحة للعملاء
تحقيق أرباح عمليات المرابحة وما يخص كل سنة مالية من الأرباح
أرباح عمليات بيع المرابحة للآمر بالشراء وما يخص كل سنة مالية من تلك الارباح
استحداث عقد جديد في صورة شركة المرابحة للآمر بالشراء
تطبيق مقياس التناسب الطردي في الأرباح والتوكيل للبيع لنفس البائع في نطاق عمليات المرابحة
** شراء بضاعة لصالح العميل على دفعات في حالة المرابحة
** بيع الفضولي لمعالجة موضوع المرابحات بضمان ودائع
**مراجعة هامش الربح وفق تغيير سعد العائد المصرفي السائد في السوق
Is It Permissible to Accept Guarantee and Pledge from the Purchase Undertaker in Murabahah Sales?
* تعليق البيع لتاريخ مستقبلي في المرابحة
Who Bears the Fine in Murabahah Deals When the Customs Department Levies It on the Goods Due to a Delay in Receiving the Goods?
What Are the Shariah Rules of Delivery Terms in the Case of Exports and Imports in Murabahah Deals?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Engage in a Sale in Which a Customer Promises to Buy Goods from KFH Once KFH Purchases Them from the Exporter?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Sell Equipment to a Company Including Its Assembly on the Condition That Assembly Expenses Be Included in the Price of the Sale?
Is It Permissible for KFH When Selling Equipment to a Manufacturing Company to Ask for a Certain Percentage of the Company’s Annual Profits in Addition to the Price of Sale?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Deduct Expenses from the Customers’ Accounts After the Value of Goods Has Been Already Assessed in Murabahah Letters of Credit?
Is It Permissible for Someone to Buy from His Employer on Cash and Sell to His Own Company on Credit?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Sell Machines on a Murabahah Basis and Include the Price of Assembly Expenses in the Contract or Must They Be Deducted from the Machine’s Price?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Pay Fees to the Contractor in Cash on Behalf of Their Client and Consider Paying the Fees as a Murabahah Sale?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Enter into a Murabahah Contract to Buy a Factory Providing That the Factory Is Part of the Debtor’s Liability and the Debt Would Remain Even After KFH Owns the Factory?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Increase the Rate of Murabahah in Upcoming Deals with a Customer Who Frequently Make Late Payments of the Murabahah Installments?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Buy Goods on Cash and Sell Them on Murabahah Basis Then Repurchase the Final Product by Cash and Sells it on Murabahah Basis?
Is It Permissible to Enter into Murabahah to the Purchase Order Deal Providing That the Client and the Original Seller Had a Prior Contract?
What Is the Shariah Ruling on Receiving a Discount on Goods After They Have Been Sold to a Customer on Murabahah Basis? Is the Discount the Right of KFH of the Client?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Sell Something by MurÉbaÍah at a Profit Rate to Be Agreed Upon on the Day of Delivery?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Buy Goods at the Prevalent Market Rate With a Possibility of Discount and Then to Sell Them to a Third Party on the Basis of Murabahah or Musawamah?
Can the Agent for Investment Be the Guarantor of the Funding Recipient?
Can the Intermediate Seller Request a Guarantee from the Purchase Undertaker That Imported Goods Will Arrive in Good Condition?
Is it Lawful to Ask the Guarantor for a Guaranteed Check as a Security Deposit?
There Are Two Common Ways to Execute a Murabahah Sale; Are They Both Legal?
Appointing An Agent To Sell On Deferred Terms
Autonomous Agency Notice
Being The Agent Of An Exporter
Tasks Of An Agent: Selling On Deferred Terms
Is It Permissible for KFH to Grant a Deduction from the Full Amount of a Murabahah Contract to a Customer Who Wants to Pay the Loan Ahead of Time?
Is It Permissible for a Person Who Bought Goods from KFH on a Delayed-Payment murÉbaÍah Basis to Then Offer These Goods to KFH as His Agent to Sell These Goods?
Is It Permissible to Buy a House from a Woman and Then Sell It to Her Husband Who Promised to Buy It on Murabahah Basis?
What Is the Ruling on the Agreement for Purchase and Resale of a Plane Where KFH Purchases It Through a Partnership and Sells It Through Murabahah?
Is It Permissible to Pay the Commission Fee in Cash to the Purchase Undertaker and Add It into the Price of the Good?
What Is the SharÊÑah-Compliant Method for Concluding the Following Transaction to Purchase Central Air Conditioners from KFH?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Enter into a Foreign Currency Contract with a Client Who Also Ordered KFH to Purchase Goods from a Foreign Seller and Sells them to Him on Deferred Basis?
Resolution No: 13 (1/3)[1]: Concerning The Islamic Development Bank’s inquiries
Which Day’s Exchange Rate Should Be Used in Charging the Customer in a Murabahah Sale?
Can a Bank Choose to Execute a Sale at a Negotiated Price Rather Than Cost Plus Markup?
Can a Bank Stipulate Up-Front That, if a Customer Misses a Payment, He Must Pay Two Instalments?
Can a Buyer of Real Estate Stipulate the Right of Annulment if any Problems Are Found with the Property?
Can a Holding Company Sell a Good to a Partially-Owned Subsidiary if It Owns Less Than 50% of the Subsidiary?
Can an Islamic Bank Sell by Murabahah to a Usurious Institution That Will Probably Sell the Goods by Interest-Based Deals?
Does the Customer Who Purchased a Car Have a Right to Benefit from the Discount Given to KFH After Completion of the MurÉbaÍah Deal with Him?
Is It Permissible for Any Party of the Contract to Increase the Value of the Contract After Signing It and Concluding the Sale?
What Is The Shariah Ruling on a Sale Contract When the Price Is Collected Before the Goods Reach the Country?
Would KFH Be Held Responsible in Case the Shipping Company Acknowledged That the Goods Were Sound But Then Failed to Make the Delivery?
Is It Permissible to Deliver the Goods Which Have Arrived Before Their Documents to the Client in a Murabahah Agreement?
Is It Permissible for the Buyer in Murabahah to Agree with the Original Seller to Return the Goods If All of Some Were Not Sold?
Is It Permissible for KFH to Sell Goods on the Basis of Murabahah to a Company That Will Resell the Goods on Installments and Will Stipulate an Interest Payment in Case of Delay?
What is the Shariah View on How to Calculate the Sale Price in a Murabahah Transaction?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 139th Meeting
Deferred Sale of a Precious Metal Other Than Gold or Silver
Deferred Sales of Shares in a Company Whose Cash Assets Exceed Its Tangible Assets
A Combined Cash and Credit Sale
A Customer Approaches the Bank for Murabahah after Having Concluded an Agreement with the Exporter
A Discrepancy is Found in Murabahah Goods That Were Sold before Possessing Them
A Murabahah Contract That Involves Installation by the Original Seller in Stages Linked to Installment Payments by the Intermediate Seller
A Murabahah Deal Where the Original Seller Turns out to be the Spouse of the Purchase Undertaker
A Murabahah Sale in Which the Intermediate Seller Stipulates That the Original Seller Will not Be Paid until the End Buyer Tests It
A Pre-Existing Contract Between the Original Seller and the Purchase Undertaker in Murabahah
Adding Assembly Expenses to the Cost of a Murabahah Deal for Machinery
Any Link between the Insurance Settlement for Damaged Goods and the Seller’s Settlement with the Purchase Undertaker?
Resolution No. 118: Purchasing an oil company with equipment and selling it to the client on a deferred payment basis
Resolution No. 119: The purchasing client providing a security deposit to guarantee the good usage of the property
Resolution No. 152: The Trade Line Scheme that the Corporation wishes to use in dealing with its clients
Resolution No. 174: Adding a profit rate to the price quote of a commodity that the client wishes to purchase in murābaḥah
Resolution No. 184: Gifts offered by the Corporation to its clients for purchasing traveller’s checks
Additional Conditions In A Murabahah Contract
Asking the Customer for a Share of His Profits as Payment for a Murabahah Sale
Authorizing the Buyer to Act as the Seller’s Agent in Buying from the Exporter and Selling to Himself
Buying A Portion Of A Land Through Murabahah
Buying Commodities in One Currency and Selling it in Another Currency
Can a Building on State-Owned Land Be Sold by Murabahah without the Land It Sits on?
Can a Contractor Renegotiate to Get a Lower Price from Its Subcontractors without Passing the Discount to the Customer Who Accepted Its Original Price?
Can a Discount be Claimed for Early Payment in a Delayed Payment Sale?
Can a Murabahah Deal Be Combined with a Foreign Currency Exchange?
Can a Murabahah Sale Include Installation and Start-up Operational Costs?
Can an Islamic Bank Facilitate the Import of Meat That Is Not Islamically Slaughtered?
Can an Islamic Bank Sequester Funds in the Account of a Customer Who Applies to Open an L.C.?
Can Murabahah Occur if the Prospective Buyer Has Already Given the First Seller a Down Payment?
Can One Buy Shares of Jointly Owned Property and then Sell Them to One of the Partners by Murabahah?
Can the Murabahah Seller Raise the Markup if the Deal Involves Advance Payment That Will Extend the Deal’s Timeline?
Can the Primary Seller Give a Performance Award to the Murabahah Buyer for Retail Sales of Its Products and Ignore the Middleman?
Can the Seller in a Murabahah Sale Retain the Goods as Security until the Buyer Pays for Them?
Charging the Purchase Undertaker for Assembly of Purchased Equipment
Contractual Agreements Prevent the Intermediate Murabahah Seller from Buying the Good at the Cheapest Available Price
Damage to or Loss of the Purchased Good
Deferred Guarantee in A Murabahah
Delay in Setting the Profit Margin of a Murabahah Sale to the Day of Delivery
Delay in Setting the Profit Margin of a Murabahah Sale to the Day of Delivery
Does the Buyer Have a Right to the Discount Given to the Intermediate Seller?
Fine Imposed by The Customs
Giving the Bank’s Accountholders a More Attractive Price than Non-Customers
How to Calculate the Selling Price in Murabahah
How to Calculate the Time-Value of Funds in Determining a Murabahah Price?
If Damage to the Ordered Goods Causes a Reduction in the Price, Does It Affect the Profit Asked?
If the Goods Arrive before the Documents, and the Intermediate Seller Doesn’t Know the Actual Price, Can the Deal Be Switched to Musawamah?
If the Party That Promises to Buy a Good and Resell It to a Customer Does Not Buy It, Is Any Compensation Due?
Informing the Customer of LC Expenses after the Sale Contract Has Been Signed
Increasing the Profit Rate on Subsequent Murabahah Deals Due to Late Payments in Earlier Deals
Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods Exceeds the Actual Loss; What to Do with the Excess?
Is It Lawful for the Bank to Ask the Purchase Orderer to Guarantee It against Damages Caused to the Bank by the Primary Seller?
Is the Importer’s Acceptance of Some Items on the Exporter’s Quotation List a Contract That Prevents Effecting a Murabahah Contract
Joint Purchase Followed by a Murabahah Resale to One of the Partners
Murabahah Purchase of a Factory with Its Outstanding Debt
Murabahah to Buy Cassettes Containing Music
Must the Intermediate Seller in Murabahah Pass a Discount on to the Purchase Undertaker?
Period Of Verification
Rebate for Paying the Debt Ahead of Schedule
Rounding up the Profit Rate if a Murabahah Deal is Paid off Earlier than Agreed
Selling Construction Materials by Murabahah
Selling Construction Materials by Murabahah
Selling Plane Tickets by Delayed-Payment Murabahah
Structuring a Construction Contract as Murabahah with a Mark-up Charged on Payment for Labor
The Buyer Pre-Signs a Murabahah Contract and Deposits an Advance Payment before the Seller Buys the Goods
The Customer Colludes with the Bank’s Agent to Get Financing by a False Sale
The End Buyer Wants to Pay the Original Seller a Sum to Settle a Price Dispute between the Original Seller and the Intermediate Buyer
The First Seller Demands Earnest Money from the Purchase Undertaker
The Intermediate Murabahah Seller Uses the Purchase Undertaker’s Import License to Import the Goods
The Murabahah Buyer Buys from One Department of the Bank and then Sells the Same Goods to Another Department
The Murabahah Purchaser Returns Goods to the Original Seller
The Purchase Undertaker by Deferred Payment Wants to Sell the Good before Completing the Payments
The Purchase Undertaker Does Not Want the Intermediate Seller to Incur Added Expenses for Insurance against Certain Risks (2)
The Purchase Undertaker Requests the Intermediate Seller to Pass on Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods
The Purchase Undertaker Wants to Avoid the Expense of a Third-Party Inspector of the Goods before Shipment
The Purchase Undertaker Wants to Pay the Difference in Price between What the First Seller is Charging and What the Intermediate Seller is Willing to Pay
The Purchase Undertaker Wants to Return Unsold Goods to the Original Seller
The Seller Wants to Sell in the Local Currency but the Buyer wants to Record the Sale in a Foreign Currency
Using Murabahah to Finance Charitable Projects
(الاتجار في حقوق الملكية الفكرية (الحقوق المعنوية
عمولة شركات التأمين على السلع المبيعة مرابحة
معالجة عمولات فتح الاعتمادات/ التحصيل في حالة تمويل المرابحة الخارجية
عمولة الموردين عن السلع المبيعة
فرض عقوبات في حالة مماطلة المرابح
تمويل رأس المال العامل من خلال الوكالة بالاستثمار
عمولة شركات التأمين على السلع المبيعة مرابحة
الجهة التي تتحمل تكاليف التأمين في المرابحة
التعامل مع شركات التأمين التقليدي
تحمل المشتري البضاعة المراد شراؤها بالمرابحة
تعويض العميل من قيمة البضاعة التالفة قبل تسلمه إياها
تحويل عملية مرابحة فاسدة إلى قرض حسن
Resolution No. 65/2/7: Deferred Instalment Sale
Double Guarantee in Murabahah
Engaging In Murabahah To Buy Shares
Extension of Murabahah Period
Increasing A Murabahah Contract’s Period And Consideration
Insurance Premium
Issuance Of An LG Under A Murabahah Transaction
Kafalah In A Murabahah Transaction
Murabahah Debt Restructuring with Central Banks as Guarantor
Murabahah Mudawarrah (Circulated Murabahah)
Murabahah Mudawwarah: Actual Or Constructive Possession
Murabahah: Guarantee by The Customer for Damages
Pre-murabahah Transaction
Pre-murabahah Transaction: Agency
Resolution No. 50 (2/6): Rulings on Installment Sales
Settling The Debt Of A Murabahah With Another Murabahah
Cancelling A Murabahah Contract
Early Settlement
Guarantee In A Murabahah Contract
Incidental Murabahah Expenses
Murabahah On Shares
Murabahah Structure
Murabahah Transaction With A Foreign Company
Murabahah With Exporting And Importing Companies
Owning Goods Before Selling It
Revision Of Murabahah Price
Using Murabahah In Cigarette-Related Sales
Various Issues
What Expenses Can Be Factored into the Price to Which the Mark-up is Added
What if the Buyer Asks the Installer to Implement Design Changes during Installation, and Only Informs the Seller after the Fact?
What is the Difference between Musawamah and Murabahah?
What Is to Be Done if the Original Seller Does Not Deliver the Good to the End Buyer?
What Is to Be Done if the Supplier Is Unable to Deliver Some of the Sold Goods?
What Is to Be Done in Murabahah about Anomalies in Delivery of the Subject of the Sale?
What to Do If a Murabahah Transaction Was Disrupted by War and the Supplier’s Price Has Gone Up?
When Does an Agent Record the Profit from Murabahah on Behalf of His Principal?
When the Customer Can Be Charged for Shipping and Insurance
When the Goods Arrive before Their Shipping Documents
When the Purchase Undertaker Is a Distribution Agent for the Exporter
If Some of the Goods Are Damaged, Must the Price Be Adjusted?
Marine Insurance for 110% of the Goods’ Value, Taking into Account Shipping Expenses among Other Factors
Transferring the Right to Benefit from Insurance to a Purchase Undertaker after the Sale
Circulation of Shares
Ijarah Sukuk And Shari’ah-compliant Securities As Underlying Assets In Tawarruq Transactions
A Purchase Undertaking and Earnest Money for Murabahah
A Purchase Undertaking and Earnest Money for Murabahah
Is a Purchase Promise Binding?
A Penalty Clause for Delay in a Murabahah Contract
A Difference in Profit Share of Jointly Owned Property
When Manufacturing Occurs between Sale and Buy Back
Trading in Statues
The Purchase Undertaker Becomes Unable to Pay for the Good After the Bank Has Purchased It
The Agent Buys the Good Back from the Principal
Selling to Someone Who Will Resell Using Interest-Based Contracts
Selling to Someone Who Will Resell by Charging Interest
Selling Platinum for Deferred Payment
Selling Gold Jewelry Set with Gems by Deferred Payment
Sale and Buy Back without Stipulation
What Constitutes Possession (Qabd)?
Offering a Discount for Paying on Time in a Deferred Purchase Sale
A Discrepancy is found in Murabahah Goods That Were Sold before Possessing Them
Who Bears Unexpected Demurrage Charges in a Murabahah Contract?
Can an Investment Deposit be Used as Security for a Deferred Payment Sale?
One Department of the Bank Buys a Commodity in Cash from a Customer Who Bought it by Deferred Payment from Another Department of the Bank
Can an Islamic Bank Give a Credit Card as a Prize to Murabahah Buyers and Add the Cost of the Card to the Murabahah Base Price?
Who Is Liable for Goods Damaged after Reaching the Port if the End Buyer Did Not Delay in Trying to Claim Them?
Is it Allowed to Sell Material on A Deferred-Payment Sale Before the Manufacturing Process is Completed?
Can the Buyer in an Istisna Contract Sell to the Manufacturer the Raw Material That Will Be Used to Manufacture the Finished Product?
A House-Buyer Approaches an Islamic Bank Seeking to Cancel an Existing Contract in Order to Enter into a MurÉbaÍah Sale with the Bank
Can the Customer of a MurÉbaÍah Car Sale Use the Trade-In Price of His Old Car as the Down Payment for the New Car?
Should a Sale Contract Clarify Whether the Sale is Murabahah or Musawamah?
Can a Time-Sharing Lease Be Sold by MurÉbaÍah with Delayed Payment?
Is the Seller Responsible if the Buyer Sells the Purchased Good to a Sinner?
Can an Islamic Bank Buy a Good from a Company and then Sell it to a Company That Owns a Minority Share of the First Company?
Can Delivery Be Deferred of Both the Sold Good and the Price in a Sale?
Can a Building Be Sold without Selling the Land It Sits On?
What if the Purchase Undertaker Renovates the Property He Promises to Buy before the Bank Buys It?
Can a Buyer of Insurance Sell the Policy to a Third Party?
What Is the Ruling on Sale by Installments?
Can the Bank Stipulate That the Purchase Orderer Pay Administrative Fees in Addition to the Cost of the Good and the Profit Markup?
Can a Murabahah Deal for Real Estate Be Structured When the Purchase Undertaker Buys Half Up-Front Using Conventional Financing & Asks the Islamic Bank to Buy the Other Half?
Can the Buyer/Reseller Store the Purchased Goods in the Primary Seller’s Warehouse before the Second Sale?
Can a Deposit Be Taken before the Sale if It Is Counted as Part of the Final Price?
Can the Murabahah Seller Take a Mortgage from the Purchase Undertaker before It Buys the Subject of the Contract?
Is It Allowed to Have the Guarantor Sign the Guarantee Pledge before the Purchase That Creates the Liability on the Purchase Undertaker?
Can the Bank Buy a Car That Was Purchased by Its Appraiser?
Can the Bank Appoint an Employee of a Supplier as the Bank’s Agent to Receive and Deliver Goods?
Can a Car Dealer Charge the Bank a Commission for Referring a Prospective Buyer to the Bank?
When the Lessor in a Lease-to-Own Contract Also Undertakes Design Work and Gets Project Licenses, Can It Charge the Customer for these Services in Installments?
Is It Allowed to Sell, for Deferred-Payment, the Usufruct of Property Purchased by a Long-Term Lease?
Is It Allowed to Buy a Shop from the Lessee and Then Sell It Through Murabahah?
Is It Allowed to Bargain in an Istisna‘ Contract?
Is It Allowed for a Partner to Sell Commodities to Other Partners?
Is It Allowed for a Company to Contract with its Subsidiary Companies?
Is It Allowed to Buy Spot from One Subsidiary of a Holding Company and Sell Deferred to another Subsidiary of the Same Holding Company?
Is It Allowed to Buy the Shares of Companies That Deal in Interest in Order to Change Them?
What is the Ruling on Terminating an International Murabahah Deal before Its Term?
Revisiting the Ruling on Terminating an International Murabahah Deal before Its Term
Is it Allowed to Introduce an International Murabah Contract Based on Months Instead of Year?
Is It Allowed to Enter in a Murabaha Contract as an Agent?
Is KLP Commercial Project of KFH’s Asian Fund Conform to Shari‘ah?
What are the conditions of permissibility of different modes of Murabaha?
Participation in a transaction of buying Iraqi oil and sell it to Turkish Refineries Authority in mode of Murabaha transaction.
An application to purchase a property at a specified amount provided that the bank sells same property to the client in form of Murabaha in a specified amount higher than purchase amount to be paid by the client after one month as of the date of the sale of the bank's property to the client.
With respect to permissibility of Murabaha sales, are the transactions described below permissible from a Shariah point of view?
Request for the bank to participate with the client in purchasing a local type of goods and then enter into contract to sell these goods to the partner client who participates with the bank for a price consistent with the market prices.
Can Faisal Islamic Bank import machineries and equipment as well as any other fixed assets necessary for investment projects and sells them in Murabaha credit based on a specific percentage of profit?
Please provide Shariah opinion in case it is stipulated that assets which are the subject matter of Murabaha transaction should be made known and identified?
Shariah opinion on the dealings of the company in Murabaha transactions of international goods
Shariah opinion on Murabaha sales in the foreign trade
In execution of Murabaha credits a documentary credit will be opened from the Bank for the benefit of the exporter.
Credit department delivers to the representative of the client all documents needed to clear and receive the goods that were imported under Murabaha credit.
Shariah opinion in case the bank purchases cars from an official agent and then sells them to the clients under Murabaha
Shariah opinion in the case the bank purchases a household furnishings and any other equipment from accredited dealers and sells them to clients in Murabaha mode
As for goods imported based on Murabaha sales (FOB and S&F) is it necessary for Kuwait Finance House to pay freight charges to be paid after the receipt of the goods and conclusion of sales contract?
A form submitted by the department of documentary credits regarding granting some body the power of attorney to purchase and ship goods in the name of Kuwait Finance House, and the client promised to purchase same after being shipped under the name of the bank
What are the basic points to be followed in commercial Murabaha transactions by procurement from the local or foreign market?
Is it permissible to defer payment for goods of Murabaha to the supplier up to the end of the week or month, in purpose of?
Is there any need to prepare a separate documentation for each goods handed over to the client?
Is there any need to prepare one separate document for the whole transaction or all these documents are to be issued for each arrived batch of goods?
A question about the procedures followed by the bank in the event of the arrival of the goods prior to the arrival of the documents?
Is it permissible for the bank to open a documentary credit under a Murabaha transaction according to a price quotation issued under the name of the Purchase orderer?
Some documents which are to be collected under the name of the bank arrived to a client who has not signed the documents of the order and promise to purchase; would it be considered Murabaha or not?
Is it permissible to complete the implementation of the promise to purchase and complete the sale of Murabaha for goods imported from abroad pursuant to a documentary credit, which did not show the name of the Islamic Bank as a buyer while the bill of lading is in the name of the bank?
Is it permissible in Murabaha transaction which is based on documentary credit to connect between dates and timing of payment of the installments and the date of deduction by the correspondent bank?
Is it permissible to execute the Murabaha transaction if the goods arrived prior to the arrival of the documents?
Is it permissible for the bank to make a prior specification of the profit rate and earnest money (Urbun) without taking into consideration the nature of the commodity?
What is meant by this separating period of time? Is it in hours, days?
Steps and Procedures of Murabaha Contract
Is it permissible to include both Purchase order and Promise to Purchase documents in one form?
What are the required controls and procedures that show the main role of the bank in Murabaha transaction?
Some people reported suspicions about the permissibility of credit Murabaha sale on the pretext that it involves a usurious practice.
The exporter shipped the goods in the name of the client and not in the name of the Bank. What action can be done?
Bank dealing with past client that executed Murabaha transaction of goods which do not exist
What are the necessary controls and procedures to show the basic role of the bank in Murabaha operations?
Timing of Murabaha Contract
Murabaha - Standard (1)
Murabaha - Standard (2)
Murabaha - Standard (3)
Murabaha - Standard (4)
Murabaha - Standard (5)
Murabaha - Standard (6)
Murabaha - Standard (7)
Murabaha - Standard (8)
Murabaha - Standard (9)
Murabaha - Standard (10)
Murabaha - Standard (10)
Murabaha - Standard (11)
Murabaha - Standard (12)
Murabaha - Standard (13)
Murabaha - Standard (14)
Murabaha - Standard (15)
Murabaha - Standard (15)
Murabaha - Standard (16)
Murabaha - Standard (17)
Murabaha - Standard (18)
Murabaha - Standard (19)
Murabaha - Standard (20)
Murabaha - Standard (21)
Murabaha - Standard (22)
Murabaha - Standard (23)
Murabaha - Standard (24)
Murabaha - Standard (25)
Murabaha - Standard (26)
Murabaha - Standard (27)
Murabaha - Standard (28)
Murabaha - Standard (29)
Murabaha - Standard (30)
Murabaha - Standard (31)
Murabaha - Standard (32)
Murabaha - Standard (33)
Murabaha - Standard (34)
Murabaha - Standard (35)
Murabaha - Standard (36)
Murabaha - Standard (37)
Murabaha - Standard (38)
Murabaha - Standard (39)
Murabaha - Standard (40)
Murabaha - Standard (41)
Murabaha - Standard (42)
Murabaha - Standard (43)
Murabaha - Standard (44)
Murabaha - Standard (45)
Murabaha - Standard (46)
Murabaha - Standard (47)
Murabaha - Standard (48)
Murabaha - Standard (49)
Murabaha - Standard (50)
Murabaha - Standard (51)
Murabaha - Standard (52)
Murabaha - Standard (53)
Murabaha - Standard (54)
Murabaha - Standard (55)
Murabaha - Standard (56)
Murabaha - Standard (57)
Murabaha - Standard (59)
Murabaha - Standard (59)
Murabaha - Standard (58)
Is it allowed to sell a car to a customer and to keep the car registered in the Bank’s name as a security for the payment of the due installments?
Is it Allowed to Enter in an Investment where the Capital is Guaranteed?
Can Fiscal Stamps be Regarded as Purchasable Services?
Is it Allowed to Enter in an Investment where the Capital is Guaranteed?
Is Good Inspection Obligatory in Both Musawama and Murabaha Contracts?
Is It Allowed to Purchase a Joint-Stock Company and Selling it to a Customer Through Murabahah?
What is the Price to be Written in the Contract of Murabaha?
Is it A Must to Declare the Actual Rate of Return Paid by the Customer in BBA?
Is it Allowed to Benefit from a Discount in a Murabahah Contract?
What are the Rulings of Providing Special Advantage to Customers of Murabahah?
Is it Allowed to Purchase a Cruiser with its Berth and then Sell it?
Is it allowed to charge a fee to the purchase undertaker if he cancels or continues the purchase?
Is it allowed to sell the real estate if their owner does not possess them completely through legal documents?
Is it allowed to invest in petroleum products through murabahah (mark-up sale) contracts?
Is it Allowed to Directly Pay the Broker his fee without KFH Involvement?
Is it Allowed to Purchase and Sale of Patent and Concession Rights through Murabahah or Istisna’?
Is it possible for a separate company that is rated by an agency like S & P to play the role of a reputable bank in issuing a pledge in a Murabahah operation?
Is it Allowed to enter into a Murabahah contract with a company known for taking and giving riba-based loans?
Is there any mechanism to adopt to reschedule the customers’ debt so that the monthly payment is reduced and the number of years is increased?
Is it Allowed to stipulate on the customer to sign a binding promise to purchase the goods in a Murabahah contract?
How permissible is it to subscribe to shares of Al-Qarin Petrochemical Products Company?
Is it allowed to use an advertisement statement in a Murabahah contract regarding an enjoyment of some privileges?
Is it permissible to use vehicles owned and possessed by a company and registered under the name of another due to some laws?
Is it permissible to give an unconditional rebate to Murabahah costomers?
Is it allowed to buy petroleum equipment from the producer and sell it by murabahah to the client along with a guarantee by the producer?
Is it permissible to enter into Murabahah investment deals using an investment Wakalah agreement?
What is the opinion on KFH Malaysia’s Automobile Departments Products?
Is it permissible to conduct an international murabahah agreement for repeated deals on metals worth 250 million Kuwaiti dinars for a period of 5 years?
Is it permissible to request the client to pay a fee as a guarantee to show his commitment to purchase the property that he promised to buy?
Is it permissible after conducting a Murabahah contract to act as an agent for the same clients?
Is it permissible to buy a commodity in order to sell it to a client at a price higher than its true value providing that the client will pay the difference?
Is it permissible to fund two projects (properties under construction) through a Murabahah contract?
Is it permissible to buy a property from a company fully owned by KFH and then sell it by Murabahah contract to a client?
Is it permissible to form murabahah contractual agreements with different timeframes and a separate contractual agreement with each deal?
Is it allowed to give a discount (Ibra) to a client who bought a land through Murabahah and wishes to settle his debt early?
Is it Permissible in a Murabahah Contract for the Customer to Haste to Accept Direct Shipment of the Goods before KFH Had Purchased Them?
Is It Permissible to Provide ‘educational murabahah’ as a Humanitarian Service that Will Aid in Developing Kuwaiti Families?
Is it allowed for a house owner to take an amount of money from the purchase undertaker as an assurance of the latter’s seriousness?
What Is the Price that Should be Paid in Case the BBA Contract is Deemed Invalid?
Is it Allowed to Purchase a Land upon which Villas are Being Constructed and Re-Sell The Land alone to Customers?
Is It Allowed to Terminate the Contract of BBA That Began To Give Effects of Ownership to Enter in a New BBA with the Same Customer?
What is the Ruling on the Legality of Dealing in Education, Medical Treatment and Travel?
What is the Ruling on Establishing a Takaful Fund for Customers Indebted to KFH’s Local Real Estate Department?
Combination of Advance Profit Payment Based on Qard and Murabahah Contract

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