Istisna' (Manufacturing Sale): Literally, the word Istisna' is derived from the Arabic verb istasna'a which means to request someone to manufacture an asset. Technically, bay' al-istisna' (hereafter istisna'a) is defined as a contractual agreement with a manufacturer to produce items with specified descriptions at a determined price, and manufactured from his own materials with his own effort. If the materials needed are not provided by the manufacturer as they are from mustasni'a (the person who requests the construction of an item), the contract is considered a lease contract. See ISRA Islamic Financial System: Principles and Operations for further details.

Can the Buyer Resell the Subject Matter of a Salam Sale or Istisna‘ before It Is Delivered?
Leasing Combined With Property Development
Can a Contractor Be Fined for a Delay in Completing a Job if No Damage Results from the Delay?
Can a New Contractor Take Over a Construction Project Started by another Contractor?
Can a Project Manager Invite Bids from Contractors and also Submit Its Own Bid for the Same Project?
Can an Islamic Company Build a School for a Client Who Will Run It as a Mixed-Gender Operation?
Can the Client Pay the Contractor the Full Fee That the Contractor Paid the Sub-Contractor, Plus a Certain Percentage?
Can the Customer Ask the Bank to Take His Place in a Construction Contract?
Can the End Customer Guarantee the Work of the Contractor in a Construction Contract?
Can the Public Be Invited to Invest in an Unbuilt Real Estate Project If the Land and Designs Are Ready?
Contractual Price of Istisna'a Linked to the Period of Execution
Guarantee From A Contractor
If the Customer Negotiates Design Changes after a Construction Contract Has Been Signed with the Bank, Does That Affect the Bank’s Agreement with the Builder?
Is it Legal to Combine a Construction and Lease-to-Own Contract?
Is it Permissible to Pay a Contractor a Down Payment Followed by Periodic Installments to Build a Building?
Issue Of Partial Completion in Istisna'a
Resolution No. 129 (14/3): Muqawalah and Construction Contract
Parallel Istisna’: Contractual Relationship
Permissibility Of Muqawalah in Construction
Selling Condominiums before They Are Completed
Resolution No. 50 (1/6): Real Estate Financing
Selling What is Purchased by Istisna‘ Before Its Delivery
When a Government Agency Hires a Contractor to Build Housing for Citizens, Is It Lawful for the Citizens to Request Changes to the Basic Plan if They Agree to Pay for Them?
Who Bears the Expenses for Executing New Building Code Requirements Imposed after the Construction Contract Has Been Signed between the Subcontractor and the Bank?
Who Bears the Expenses for Inadvertent Mistakes in Administering a Building Contract?
Bank entering into a real estate project as a partner participating by land and as project manager
Government addition of extra conditions after contract signature
The bank's right to obtain delay penalty
Grant the customer the option to pay cash or on deferred basis
Payment of the contractor's remuneration in full, then let the beneficiary pays it in installments and add a specific rate
Request of usury-based banks to construct institutions of their own
The bank replaces a contractor in a partially executed contracting
The bank substitutes the customer before the contractor
Discounts received by Main Contractor from a subcontractor
discounts acquired by the bank from the subcontractor
Legitimacy of subcontracting
General Provisions of Contracting Agreements in Istisna'
Addition of government stipulated conditions after signing a contract
Transfer of Istisna' contract to a third party
Bearing the consequences of the unintentional drop of some clauses given to the contractor
Istisna' applicant requested to make changes that lead to increasing the cost
Condition that Istisna' Requester to be himself the Manufacturer (Sania)
Stipulation of appointing a consultant from Istisna' Requester part
Foreign Co-education Schools Applying for Istisna'
To stipulate delegating the bank as an agent for managing manufactured commodity
Publications deferred in delivery as a subject matter of Istisna' contract
Sale of a product under Istisna' contract before its reception
Expenses made after initial approval of Istisna'
Offering manufacturing requester (Mustasna) the option between a lower spot price and a higher deferred price
Is it permissible to partially finance a client establishing a factory on Istisna' basis?
What is the Shariah opinion regarding the following Istisna' transaction?
What's the shariah opinion regarding the following Istisna' transaction?
Can this transaction be considered deferred sale and that these installments are considered as payments of deferred sale?
what is the Shariah opinion regarding this matter in Istisna'?
Is it permissible to enter into the following Istisna' transactions?
Purchasing six Boeing Aircrafts per a purchase contract for a specific value and in turn Al the company pays part of the purchase amount at contracting with Boeing company
Please advice Shariah opinion on Istisna' contract presented by the company
Using Istisna' to invest funds and ways and means to utilize this contract
Reviewing the researches received by The Islamic Figh Academy concerning Istisna' contracts
عقد استصناع يكون محله دراسة مالية او تقنية
مراجعة هامش الربح وفق تغيير سعر العائد المصرفي السائد في السوق
عقد استصناع يكون محله دراسة مالية او تقنية
مراجعة هامش الربح وفق تغيير سعر العائد المصرفي السائد في السوق
Entering Into A Construction Contract With A Conventional Bank
Can a Muslim Contractor Build a Building for a Conventional Bank?
What Is the Rule on Selling Apartments Which Have Not Been Completed When the Building Materials Are on Hand, the Land Has Been Designated and the Full Plans Have Been Drawn Up?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 139th Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 156th Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 153rd Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 143rd Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 142nd Meeting
Resolution No. 107 (1/12): "Delivery and Tendering Contracts"
Resolution No. 74: The purchase and sale of crude oil by an istiṣnāʿ contract
Resolution No. 111: The purchase of metal in order to process it and sell it
Resolution No. 152: The Trade Line Scheme that the Corporation wishes to use in dealing with its clients
Resolution No. 180: Dividing the revenues of istiṣnāʿ contracts of educational facilities
Quoting Different Prices to the Client for Different Payment Periods
Purchasing Printed Material with Agreed Specifications for Deferred Delivery
Signing a Contract to Sell Something to the Government before Owning the Product
Funding Construction of a Building with a Swimming Pool
Purchasing Printed Material with Agreed Specifications for Deferred Delivery
Can the Buyer in an Istisna Contract Sell to the Manufacturer the Raw Material That Will Be Used to Manufacture the Finished Product?
How Can Parallel IstiÎnÉÑ Be Structured?
Is It Permissible to Distribute Profits before They Are Earned?
Who Is Liable for Damages Caused to Material and Previous Workmanship in a Construction Contract?
Is It Allowed To Agree To Omit or Add New Tasks in a Construction Contract?
Can the Bank (as the Contractor) Avoid Liability for Defects in a Parallel Construction Contract?
Is It Allowed for a Customer To Be the Executor of His Own Construction Contract?
Is It Allowed To Keep the Difference between the Agreed and Actual Construction Costs, or Must This Amount Be Returned to the Customer?
Who Bears the Difference When There Is an Increase or Decrease in the Construction Cost in an Istisna‘ Contract?
What Is the Ruling if Different Currencies Are Used in Parallel Istisna‘ Contracts?
Is It Allowed to Bargain in an Istisna‘ Contract?
Is It Allowed to Sell the Item Made through an Istisna‘ Contract before Its Completion?
Is a Guarantee against any Defect in the Product of Istisna‘ Allowed?
Is It Allowed to Subscribe to The Sukuk of the National Central Cooling Company (Tabrid) in the United Arab Emirates?
What are the Conditions of Istisna‘ Contract?
Is it Allowed to Trade in Sukuk Istisna’ when the Project Becomes a Tangible Asset?
Resolution No. 129 (14/3): Contractor Agreements and Construction Contracts

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