Bay' al-Dayn

Dayn (Debt): Literally: dayn is any future liability on a person, without it being in any particular form, money or something else. Technically: jurists use the term 'debt' in two senses: general: an absolute obligatory right for which a person is liable in the future; private (according to the majority of jurists): any monetary obligation on a person that is incurred due to an exchange transaction, damage to property, loan taken, personal injury, or the rights of Allah, such as zakah. Bay' al-dayn is the sale of debt which can be either against a debt or other than a debt, to the debtor or other than the debtor, on a cash basis or a deferred payment basis.

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قرار رقم 158 (7/17) بشأن بيع الدين
تحويل عملية مرابحة فاسدة إلى قرض حسن
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شراء البنك حصة أحد الشركات في شركة عادية محدودة وبيعها مرابحة لأحد الشركاء

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