Tawarruq (Monetization/ Cash Financing/ Cash Procurement): Tawarruq is the infinitive (masdar) of the verb tawarraqa (to eat leaves); it is said as tawarraqa al-hayawan (i.e., the animal ate the leaves). Literally: from wariq: silver; also dirhams, which are coined from silver. Awraqa: to become rich. Some say it refers to both minted and non-minted silver (al-fidhah al-madhrubah or al-fidhah ghayr al-madhrubah). Tawarruq was, therefore, used by earlier generations for the purpose of seeking silver money, while it is used nowadays for seeking paper money, and that is a valid literal usage derived from the same word. Hence, the monetisation beneficiary is called mutawarriq. Technically: tawarruq is a term commonly used in the books of the Hanbali school of law while other schools mention the form of tawarruq under the rubric of bay' al-ajal and bay' al- 'inah (sale and buyback). Hence, the technical meaning varies according to its different types. The Al-Mawsu'ah al-Fiqhiyyah Al-Kuwaytiyyah (Fiqh Encyclopedia of Kuwait) defined tawarruq as buying a commodity with deferred payment and selling it to a person other than the buyer for a lower price with immediate payment. See ISRA Islamic Financial System: Principles and Operations for further details.

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The Purchase Undertaker by Deferred Payment Wants to Sell the Good before Completing the Payments
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Is it allowed to facilitate Tawarruq (monetization) contract by buying and selling crude palm oil and other derived products?
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Buying and Selling of a Commodity Already Sold Under Murabaha Mode

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