Musharakah (Partnership): The Arabic word musharakah is a derivative from the root word sharaka, which literally means sharing, and mixing shares of two or more parties to make them interchangeable. Technically, Hanafi scholars define musharakah as contract between partners on both capital and profit. The Malikis define it as permission to transact where each of the partners permits the other to transact with the partnership property while at the same time retaining his own right to transact with the same property (Al-Dardir, Al-Sharh Al-Kabir, 3/348). Shafi'i scholars define partnership as confirmation of the rights of two or more people over a common property (Al-Sharbini, Mughni Al- Muhtaj, 3/221). According to Hanbali scholars, it is the amalgamation of rights or the freedom to use (Ibn Qudamah, Al-Mughni, 5/3). See ISRA Islamic Financial System: Principles and Operations for further details.

Resolution No. 148 (6/16): Al-Kafalatu Al-tijariyyah (Commercial Guarantee)
Obtaining LCs Without Adequate Funds
Resolution No. 156 (5/17): The Completion Of Sukuk Al-Musharakah: The Components Of Its Assets
Can One Partner Lease his Half of a Jointly Owned Asset to Another Partner?
Can the Public Be Invited to Invest in an Unbuilt Real Estate Project If the Land and Designs Are Ready?
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Syndicated Financing Between Islamic And Conventional Institutions
Can an Islamic Bank Partner with a Conventional Bank in a Lawful Project?
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What’s the Shariah Ruling Regarding Buying a Specific Commodity Based Upon a Customer’s Promise to Buy the Commodity by Deferred Payment?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 146th Meeting
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Asking the Customer for a Share of His Profits as Payment for a Murabahah Sale
Can One Buy Shares of Jointly Owned Property and then Sell Them to One of the Partners by Murabahah?
Joint Purchase Followed by a Murabahah Resale to One of the Partners
دفع الزكاة عن أرباح أموال المساهمين أو الاحتياطيات
مسؤولية العميل عن التأمين في معاملات المشاركة
عمل وديعة مخصصة من دون خلطها بأموال المصرف
السحب المبكر من وعاء المضاربة
احتساب نتائج المشاركة
Legal Constraints on Buying Shares of Limited Liability Companies
Profit Sharing Fund
Shares: Guarantee
Third Party Guarantee – Without Consideration
Fee For Group Financing
A Purchase Undertaking and Earnest Money for Murabahah
A Purchase Undertaking and Earnest Money for Murabahah
A Difference in Profit Share of Jointly Owned Property
Allocating Profit For Expenses Borne By One Of The Partners in a Musharakah
An Islamic Bank Paying a Customer’s Credit Card Bill from His Deposited Funds
Business Expenses in Musharakah based on Percentage of Capital
Buying a Piece of Jointly Owned Real Estate and then Selling It Back to One of the Partners
Trading With A Related Entity
Can a Company Partner Be an Employee of the Same Company?
Can an Investor Exit a Portfolio by Selling His Share before Revenue Distribution?
An Heir Asks the Bank to Buy the Shares of Certain Heirs in a House and Then Sell It to the Rest of Them; Can the Bank Reserve the Right to Sell to Another Buyer?
One Party Buys a Truck; the Other Drives It for Monthly Expenses Plus a Share of the Profit after the Owner has Recovered the Price of the Truck
Can the Bank Buy a Car That Was Purchased by Its Appraiser?
Is KFH Considered a Mudarib or an Agent for Customers in a Currency Portfolio?
Is It Allowed to Sell a Share of Common Property That Has Been Leased Out?
Is It Allowed for a Partner in a Deferred Payment Sale to Sell Its Share to a New Partner?
If One Partner Injects Additional Capital after the Initial Capitalization, Should the Shares of Profit Be Adjusted?
Is It Allowed for a Partner to Sell Commodities to Other Partners?
Is It Allowed For a Partner to Sell Commodities to the Partnership?
Is It Allowed for a Partner to Stipulate a Fixed Salary for Managing the Company and Then Distribute the Profits According to Agreement?
Clarifications on Some Conditions of Partnership
Is It Allowed to Sell the Shares of a Company While It Is Still Being Established?
Is It Allowed to Buy the Shares of Companies Whose Activities Are Lawful but Have Usurious Loans?
Is It Allowed to Give Shares as Compensation for Labour?
What is the Ruling on Terminating an International Murabahah Deal before Its Term?
Revisiting the Ruling on Terminating an International Murabahah Deal before Its Term
Rulings of Investment in the Stock Exchange
What are the Rulings of Purchasing Existing Companies and Restructuring them so that they Conform to the Investment Requirements of the Shari’ah?
Is it Impermissible to Separate the Money of Depositors from the Money of Shareholders?
What are the Shari‘ah Conditions for a Musharkah?
Resolution No. 130 (14/4): Modern Companies: Holding Companies and Other Types of Companies, and Their Shari‘ah Rulings
Is it Allowed to an Islamic Financial institution to Buy Its Depositors’ Shares?
What Is the Shariah Ruling in Contributing in Projects that are Beneficial but Can Have Some Illegal Aspects like Hospitals?
What are the Shariah Rulings for Sukuk Musharakah?
What are the Condition in Financing the Building of an LPG Vessel?
Is it Allowed for a Fund to Stipulate that Sale of Shares Must be Done for the Partners Only?
Is it Allowed to Get Paid as Partner and Manager in a Musharakah?
The Rulings of the Musharakah Sukuk
Is it Allowed to Purchase Chalets under Construction that will be Sold to Customers?
Is it permissible for KFH to become involved in a portfolio for foreign currency exchange?
Is it Allowed to Participate in a Portfolio Where the Establisher Will Act as an Agent as well as a Principal on its Own Behalf?
Capital Contribution by Mudarib in Mudarabah Joint Venture
Financing Products Based on Musyarakah
What's the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Murabahah Partnership and its Profit Distribution?
Is it Permissible for the Bank to Purchase the Share of a Partner in a Limited Company and Sell it on Murabahah Basis?
Is it Permissible for the Bank to Invest in an Existing Real Estate Project in Exchange for a Specified Share of the Profits?
Is it Allowed for KFH to Purchase the Share of its Partner in a Real Estate and Sell It on Its Own to a Customer on a deferred-payment basis?
What’s the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion on the Following Musharakah Structure?
Is it Allowed for KFH to Finance the Construction of a Highway in Turkey Through a Partnership Contract Between KFH and the Contractor?
Is it Allowed for KFH in an Investment Partnership to Reserve the Partner the Right to Redeem Its Capital and Expected Profit in Case of Loss?
Is it Allowed for KFH to Get Involved as a Partner in a Fund that Borrows Based on Interest?
Is it Allowed for KFH as the Manager of a Fund to Accept Shares as the Capital Contribution of its Partner then Sell them in the Market and Add the Revenue to the Fund’s Capital?
Is it Permissible for KFH to Finance a Customer’s Purchase of his Partner’s Share in a Project?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Contribution by Conventional Banks of No More Than 20% to the Establishment of an Investment Company?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Pay Shareholders’ Contribution in a Company as Qard Hasan and Mortgage the Shares of the Shareholders as a Security for the Benevolent Loan?
What’s the Shariah Criteria and Parameters for the Selection of Physicians and Nurses?
Buying and Selling of Shares in a Company
التنازل عن الإيجار والمصروفات والنفقات في اتفاقيات المشاركة
أخذ الأجرة على الضمان
شراء البنك حصة أحد الشركات في شركة عادية محدودة وبيعها مرابحة لأحد الشركاء
قيام البنك ببيع جزء من حصصه في المساهمة في المشروع في المستقبل لأشخاص آخرين بسعر أعلى من القيمة الاسمية
دخول البنك شريكًا في مشروع دواجن عن طريق تملك حصص مشاعة في أسهمه
المشاركة في نشاط تجاري يتعامل بالربا إقراضًا واقتراضًا
حسابات عمليات المشاركة
تسجيل أرباح عمليات تمويل لسنة مالية في ميزانية تلك السنة وهي لا تحصل إلا في السنة التالية
المشاركة بعد شراء أسهم
المشاركة في البناء
تطبيق نظام الثواب والعقاب في المشاركة
بيع البضائع موضوع المشاركة بواسطة البنك منفرداً من دون الرجوع إلى العميل في حالة التعثر
حسابات عمليات المشاركة والمضاربة
Murabaha - Standard (20)
Musharaka LC- Standard (230)

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