The Arabic word means the charity given for the sake of Allah. Technically charity is to transfer the ownership in life without compensation seeking only the reward from Allah. The term alms is used to refer to Zakat al-Fitr (the donation made to the poor at the end of Ramadan). For further details see ISRA Compendium.

What Is to Be Done with Tellers’ Positive Discrepancies?
What Should Be Done with Small Cheques Issued to Accountholders Who Cannot Be Located or Contacted?
What to Do with Profits from Investment Accounts Closed by Their Owners when the Old Address Is not Valid?
Can an Islamic Bank Receive Interest from the Central Bank?
Can Interest Be Used to Pay Taxes?
Resolution No. 124: The impermissibility of paying the interest amounts accumulated from correspondent bank accounts to beneficiaries other than the poor and Islamic charities
Resolution No. 149: The Corporation usage/disposal of (inactive) small-balance accounts with the guarantee of such accounts
Resolution No. 150: Paying or receiving interest from correspondent banks
Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods Exceeds the Actual Loss; What to Do with the Excess?
Overcompensation by the Insurance Company above the Actual Damage
تحويل الأموال المجنبة من وحدة مصرفية إلى أخرى
دعم منظمة من الكسب غير المشروع
المبالغ العائدة كأرباح من البنوك الخارجية
الفوائد المصرفية التي يضطر البنك لإيداعها في المصارف الربوية
الصرف من صندوق الإيرادات قيد التصفية (تسبيقات مالية) على موظفي البنك
الصرف من صندوق الإيرادات قيد التصفية على مستخدمي البنك
الصرف من صندوق الإيرادات قيد التصفية على موظفي البنك
اقتناء أضحية العيد من صندوق الإيرادات قيد التصفية
استعمال العائد الذي يتلقاه بنك البركة من بنك الجزائر لتسديد حصة البنك في شركة ضمان الودائع المصرفية
استعمال الفوائد المحصّلة من بنم الجزائر في تسديد حصة بنك البركة الجزائري في شركة ضمان الودائع
شطب الديون الهالكة في حالة الأموال التي تدفع لأوجه الخير
صيغة الشرط الذي يضمن بالعقود لإلزام العميل بالزيادة التي تضاف لحساب مخصص الديون المتعثرة
إنفاق حصيلة الإيرادات الناتجة من الفوائد المحرمة وغرامات المدينين المعسرين المماطلين
غرامة التأخير للعملاء في حالة المماطلة في سداد مبلغ الاعتماد
فرض غرامة تأخير على العميل الذي لا يفي بالتزاماته
ربط تقديم مساعدة مالية لمدرسة المكفوفين بتسديد ديون العميل المستحقة للبنك
إعادة جدولة الديون
Judgement Of The Court With Regard To Penalties On Delayed Payments
Can a Penalty Clause for Late Payment Be Added to an Islamic Banking Contract?
Is it Lawful to Financially Penalize a Rich Debtor Who Delays Payment?
Bonds, Interest Deposits And Unlawful Properties
Using Money From The Charity Fund To Perform Hajj
May an Islamic Bank Deposit Money with a Foreign Bank and Give the Interest in Charity?
How to Deal with the Profits of Customers Who Don't Come to Claim Their Profits?
Can Money Whose Owner is Unknown Be Given to a Charity?
Can an Islamic Bank Exempt Orphans from Paying Certain Standard Fees?
Can a Charitable Organization Invest Donated Funds to Generate Income to Be Spent in Charity?
Can a Bank Put a Clause in an Installment Payment Contract Requiring the Buyer to Pay a Penalty for Late Payment?
Is It Allowed to Enter into Lease Contracts That Include Penalty Clauses? If So, What Should Be Done with Penalty Fees Collected?
Is It Allowed for the Buyer to Appoint the Seller as an Agent to Lease the Sold Commodity?
An Islamic Bank Contribute to a Charitable Project from Its Profits or Zakah Fund?
Can an Islamic Bank Contribute from Its Own Funds to Organizations Doing Useful Activities?
What is the Ruling on Funds with Unknown Account Holders?
Can an Islamic Bank Give Financial Aid to Charitable Organizations with Accounts at the Bank?
What is the Best Kind of Charity Project to Fund in a Poor Muslim Country?
Is It Allowed for an Islamic Bank to Place an Interest-Bearing Deposit in the Central Bank if the Law Requires It?
Is It Allowed to Buy the Shares of Companies That Deal in Interest in Order to Change Them?
What is the Ruling on Providing Additional Services That Include Life Insurance to Visa Gold-Card Holders?
Some Conditions for Issuing a Visa Card
What is the Ruling of Penalty Clause?
What is the shari‘ah ruling on penalty clause?
Is it Allowed to Oblige Customers to Give Donations trough Additional Amount on sale Price?
Is it permissible to buy a leasing company which has some assets in the form of treasury bonds?
Is it Allowed to Involve in a Project that Provides Credit Lines to Invest in Education?
Is it Allowed to Participate in an Investment Consists of Leased Offices Where the Cafeteria Cannot Be Guaranteed not to Sell Pork?
What is the Ruling on the Legality of Dealing in Education, Medical Treatment and Travel?
Imposition of Ta`widh and Gharamah in Islamic Financing Facilities
Hukum Penyaluran Hasil Gharamah Institusi Kewangan Islam Ke Baitulmal
Is it Allowed to Spend Zakat Funds on Medical Activities to Relieve the Difficulties of the Poor as Well as Others?
How Can KFH as a Shareholder of an Islamic Bank that Converted from the Conventional System Handle the Profits Provided as Cash and Bonus Shares?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Retain the Late Penalty Charges on Defaulting Customers?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding Balances in the Claims Account That Have Been There for a Long Time Linked to Past Customers Who Cannot Be Reached?
Is It Allowed to Spend Interest Given to KFH Without Its Request to Organize Seminars?
Is It Allowed to Withdraw the Gift (hibah) If It Is Meant for a Charitable Cause?
Is It Allowed to Offer a Service to Finance Education by a Particular Shariah Format Such as Educational Murabahah?
Services of Charities on Murabahah Basis
تمويل عقارات يزاول مستأجروها أنشطة محرمة

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