Wa'd (Promise): A promise or undertaking. A promise, such as the one found in purchase and sale undertakings used in certain Islamic finance transactions; a promise to buy or sell certain goods in a certain quantity at a certain time in the future at a certain price.

Can Promises Be Exchanged to Conduct a Second Salam Sale upon Delivery of the Subject of the First Salam Sale?
Dual Promise in Commodity Murabaha
Sale And Buy-back Agreement (Repo)
A Hire-Purchase Agreement with More than One Associated Promise
A Forex Option
A Promise of Parallel Purchase and Sale of Gold
A Promise to Buy or Sell Currency at a Future Date
A Promise to Buy or Sell Gold or Silver at a Future Date
Right To Buy Currencies
A Promise to Sell Currency in the Future
Penalty on Non-Fulfillment of Ijarah
Promise to Lease and Transfer Ownership
Setting the Sale Price of a Hire-Purchase Property before the Sale
Is it Legal to Combine a Construction and Lease-to-Own Contract?
Issue Of Partial Completion in Istisna'a
What is the Shariah Ruling on a Bilateral Promise to Buy a Certain Amount of a Specific Currency at a Fixed Price During a Specified Period?
Discount For Early Payment
Forward Foreign Currency Transaction
Ibra’ Clause In Financing Agreement
Ibra’ In Variable Rate Bai` Bithaman Ajil Product
Resolution No: 13 (1/3)[1]: Concerning The Islamic Development Bank’s inquiries
A Shari‘ah-Compliant Alternative to an Option Contract
Is It Allowed for KFH to Purchase a Commodity from a Company Which Has Already Promised to Enter into a Deal with a Buyer?
Would KFH Be Held Responsible in Case the Shipping Company Acknowledged That the Goods Were Sound But Then Failed to Make the Delivery?
Is It Permissible to Contract a Sale of Goods That Have a Defect on the Condition That the Defect Be Explained to the Him Before the Contract Is Concluded?
Will Shipping the Goods on the Request of the Purchase Undertaker Be Considered as Only Taking Possession Without Ownership?
Is It Permissible to Deliver the Goods Which Have Arrived Before Their Documents to the Client in a Murabahah Agreement?
What Are the Shariah Rules Governing Letter of Credit?
What’s the Shariah Ruling Regarding Buying a Specific Commodity Based Upon a Customer’s Promise to Buy the Commodity by Deferred Payment?
Is It Permissible for Two Parties to Agree to Buy a Commodity on the Condition That One of Them Promises to Buy the Other’s Partner’s Share By Deferred Payment?
Is It Permissible to Buy Products or Commodities in Cash Based on Another Party’s Promise in Order to Sell it to Him By Deferred Payment?
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 160th Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 165th Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 159th Meeting
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 157th Meeting
Resolution No. 107 (1/12): "Delivery and Tendering Contracts"
A Customer Approaches the Bank for Murabahah after Having Concluded an Agreement with the Exporter
A Murabahah Contract That Involves Installation by the Original Seller in Stages Linked to Installment Payments by the Intermediate Seller
A Murabahah Deal Where the Original Seller Turns out to be the Spouse of the Purchase Undertaker
A Murabahah Sale in Which the Intermediate Seller Stipulates That the Original Seller Will not Be Paid until the End Buyer Tests It
A Pre-Existing Contract Between the Original Seller and the Purchase Undertaker in Murabahah
A Prospective Customer Has Already Made a Down Payment to the Supplier
Resolution No. 72: The Corporation’s commitment, by a promise, to sell a commodity of certain specifications. The promise is fulfilled by delivering the commodity purchased through a salam contract or another contract.
Resolution No. 114: The permissibility of the lessee participating in the profit or loss when the leased asset is sold
Authorizing the Buyer to Act as the Seller’s Agent in Buying from the Exporter and Selling to Himself
Can a Bank Seek Damages from a Purchase Orderer Who Breaks His Promise to Buy?
Can a Building on State-Owned Land Be Sold by Murabahah without the Land It Sits on?
Can a Contract Be Signed with a Purchase Undertaker before the Official Ownership Transfer Procedures Are Completed? (1)
Can a Murabahah Sale Include Installation and Start-up Operational Costs?
Can Murabahah Occur if the Prospective Buyer Has Already Given the First Seller a Down Payment?
Can One Buy Shares of Jointly Owned Property and then Sell Them to One of the Partners by Murabahah?
Can the Murabahah Seller Raise the Markup if the Deal Involves Advance Payment That Will Extend the Deal’s Timeline?
Can the Seller in a Murabahah Sale Retain the Goods as Security until the Buyer Pays for Them?
Contractual Agreements Prevent the Intermediate Murabahah Seller from Buying the Good at the Cheapest Available Price
Defects In The Subject Matter
Deferred Guarantee in A Murabahah
If the Goods Arrive before the Documents, and the Intermediate Seller Doesn’t Know the Actual Price, Can the Deal Be Switched to Musawamah?
If the Party That Promises to Buy a Good and Resell It to a Customer Does Not Buy It, Is Any Compensation Due?
Is the Importer’s Acceptance of Some Items on the Exporter’s Quotation List a Contract That Prevents Effecting a Murabahah Contract
Making the Original Seller the Bank’s Agent to Sell the Purchased Products to a Previous Prospective Customer
Period Of Verification
The Bank Uses the Purchase Undertaker’s Import License to Purchase a Foreign Good
The Buyer Guarantees the Reliability of a Fraudulent Exporter. Who Is Liable?
The Customer Colludes with the Bank’s Agent to Get Financing by a False Sale
The End Buyer Wants to Pay the Original Seller a Sum to Settle a Price Dispute between the Original Seller and the Intermediate Buyer
The Intermediate Murabahah Seller Uses the Purchase Undertaker’s Import License to Import the Goods
The Intermediate Seller Lacks Detailed Knowledge of the Imported Goods
The Purchase Undertaker by Deferred Payment Wants to Sell the Good before Completing the Payments
The Purchase Undertaker Does Not Want the Intermediate Seller to Incur Added Expenses for Insurance against Certain Risks (1)
The Purchase Undertaker Does Not Want the Intermediate Seller to Incur Added Expenses for Insurance against Certain Risks (2)
The Purchase Undertaker Requests the Intermediate Seller to Pass on Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods
The Purchase Undertaker Shows the Original Seller’s Price Quotation to the Intermediate Seller
The Purchase Undertaker Wants to Avoid the Expense of a Third-Party Inspector of the Goods before Shipment
The Purchase Undertaker Wants to Pay the Difference in Price between What the First Seller is Charging and What the Intermediate Seller is Willing to Pay
Transporting The Subject Matter Under The Name Of The End Customer
قرار رقم 157 (6/17) بشأن المواعدة والمواطأة في العقود
نكول الواعد بالشراء في شراء العملات
عقد الصرف الآجل
إجراء عمليات الشراء الآجل للعملات الأجنبية (Forward)
الصرف المؤجل للعملات المختلفة الجنس
Murabahah Mudawwarah: Actual Or Constructive Possession
Murabahah Structure
Murabahah Transaction With A Foreign Company
Owning Goods Before Selling It
What is the Difference between Musawamah and Murabahah?
When the Goods Arrive before Their Shipping Documents
When the Purchase Undertaker Is a Distribution Agent for the Exporter
Transferring the Right to Benefit from Insurance to a Purchase Undertaker after the Sale
‘When Issue’ Transaction
Dual Promise in Commodity Murabahah
In a salam contract, to what extent is the buyer allowed to obtain a promise to buy at a specific price from a third party
Salam: Mitigating The Risks Of Changes In Circumstances
A Purchase Undertaking and Earnest Money for Murabahah
A Purchase Undertaking and Earnest Money for Murabahah
Is a Purchase Promise Binding?
A Difference in Profit Share of Jointly Owned Property
The Purchase Undertaker Becomes Unable to Pay for the Good After the Bank Has Purchased It
House Purchase by Diminishing Partnership
Signing a Contract to Sell Something to the Government before Owning the Product
The Buyer Intends to Resell the Goods; Can the Buyer Stipulate a Discounted Price on Any Unsold Items in Case the Seller Lowers His Prices?
A Discrepancy is found in Murabahah Goods That Were Sold before Possessing Them
Who Bears Unexpected Demurrage Charges in a Murabahah Contract?
Signing a Contract to Sell Something to the Government before Owning the Product
Can a Contract Be Signed with a Purchase Undertaker before the Official Ownership Transfer Procedures Are Completed
An Heir Asks the Bank to Buy the Shares of Certain Heirs in a House and Then Sell It to the Rest of Them; Can the Bank Reserve the Right to Sell to Another Buyer?
Can the Buyer of a Commodity Lease It Back to the Seller with a Promise to Sell It Back to Him at the End of the Lease Term?
Can an Islamic Bank Buy a Good from a Company and then Sell it to a Company That Owns a Minority Share of the First Company?
Can Delivery Be Deferred of Both the Sold Good and the Price in a Sale?
What if the Purchase Undertaker Renovates the Property He Promises to Buy before the Bank Buys It?
Who Bears the Liability for the Goods in a Murabahah Sale at Various Stages of the Process?
Can a Financial Penalty Be Imposed for Breach of a Promise to Buy?
Can a Murabahah Deal for Real Estate Be Structured When the Purchase Undertaker Buys Half Up-Front Using Conventional Financing & Asks the Islamic Bank to Buy the Other Half?
Can a Deposit Be Taken before the Sale if It Is Counted as Part of the Final Price?
Can the Murabahah Seller Take a Mortgage from the Purchase Undertaker before It Buys the Subject of the Contract?
What Parameters Can Make It Lawful to Pay Earnest Money to a Car Dealer to Book a Sale?
Is It Allowed to Stipulate an Option to Either Buy Leased Property at the End of the Lease Period or Renew the Lease?
Can a Property Be Bought from a Company and Leased Back to It, Ending with a Gift of the Property to It?
Is It Allowed to Enter a Lease Contract That Ends with the Purchase of the Leased Property?
Is Hire-Purchase of a Car Lawful at a Nominal Final Selling Price?
Is It Allowed To Give the Leased Car to the Lessee or Sell It to Him for a Nominal Price at the End of the Lease Contract?
Is It Allowed for the Buyer to Appoint the Seller as an Agent to Look After the Real Estate It Has Purchased?
Is It Allowed to Appoint the Supplier as an Agent to Collect Earnest Money from the Client in a Murabahah Transaction?
Is It Allowed to Give a Guarantee for the Buyer of Shares in Case of Loss?
Is It Allowed for a Company to Assign an Agent to Buy Shares of the Company on Its Behalf and Then Sell Them to Himself?
Is It Allowed to Buy Shares when the Share Manager Stipulates the Right to Buy Back the Shares when the Buyer Decides to Sell?
What Is the Ruling on the Islamic Lease Sukuk for the Government of Bahrain?
Is it Permissible to Make an Advance Rental Payment at an Agreed-Upon Percentage In a Real Estate Lease Contract Ending with a Promise to Own the Real Estate?
Is it Allowed to enter into a contract whereby the bank is obliged to sell the land plots to the contractor after it has been purchased them from the developer?
Is it Allowed to Contract on a Commodity with a Customer that is Binding to Another Party?
Is it Allowed to enter into a contract that include promises binding upon both parties?
What is the ruling on participation in purchasing real estate ownership sukuk in Malaysia?
Is it Allowed to Benefit from a Discount in a Murabahah Contract?
Is it Allowed to Contract a Murabahah whereby the Customer Has Paid an Amount to the owner of the Asset?
Is it allowed to charge a fee to the purchase undertaker if he cancels or continues the purchase?
What is the Shari’ah compliant way to structure the purchase and lease of two airplanes?
Is it Allowed to stipulate on the customer to sign a binding promise to purchase the goods in a Murabahah contract?
Is it permissible to request the client to pay a fee as a guarantee to show his commitment to purchase the property that he promised to buy?
What is the ruling on a transaction concerning a promise to sell foreign currencies?
Is it Allowed for KFH to Involve in an Ijarah Financing with a Promise to Give the Assets to the Lessee?
Is it Permissible to Purchase a Land’s Usufruct Together with the Constructed Facilities from a Company that Promises to Lease the Constructed Facilities from KFH?
What is the Ruling on This Proposed Structure of ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik for Lands or Real Estates?
Is it Allowed to Enter into a Contract with an Owner of Residential Units in Makkah in which the Contract Grants KFH the Usufruct of the Residential Units for the Period of 99 Years?
What is the Ruling on Obligating the Lessee to Purchase the Leased Property at the End of ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik Agreement?
What Is the Ruling on Applying a Lease Contract with a Bilateral Promise to Transfer Ownership to the First Seller?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Purchase an Investment complex and Lease it back to the Original Seller (the previous owner) Using ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik Agreement?
Is it Allowed to Purchase Real Estate Property that is leased through ijarah muntahiyah bi al-tamlik and then to Lease it Back to the Same Lessee?
Is it Allowed to Accept a Cash Reward in Return for KFH’s Promise to Participate in Sukuk Ijarah Investment Deal?
What is the Ruling on Leasing a Building to the Owner of the Building’s Land?
Is it allowed for a house owner to take an amount of money from the purchase undertaker as an assurance of the latter’s seriousness?
Issuance of Bank Negara Negotiable Notes Based on Ijarah Concept
Application of Wa`d as a Mechanism in Dealing with Customer’s Default in Financing Based on Musyarakah Mutanaqisah
Application of “Sale and Buy Back” Contract
Spot and Forward Foreign Currency Exchange Transactions
Foreign Currency Option Based on Hamish Jiddiyyah, Wa`d and Tawarruq
Foreign Currency Option Based on Wa`d and Two Independent Tawarruq Transactions
Is it Permissible for KFH to Finance a Customer’s Purchase of his Partner’s Share in a Project?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Buy the Shares of a Customer and Promise to Sell Back the Shares After an Agreed Upon Period Through a Deferred Murabahah Sale with an Agreed Profit?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Required Changes to the Contract Titled ‘Contract for Vehicle Use with a Bilateral Promise of Ownership Transfer’?
Addition of Profit in Return for Advance Payment to the Exporter in Murabahah Transactions
Goods not Allowed for Importation Except for the Purchase Orderer in Murabahah Transactions
Deals Contracted Prior to Murabaha Contract Between the Client and the Bank
The Condition of Delay Penalty in Murabahah Transactions
The Binding Nature of Promise in Murabahah Transactions
Amending Conditions of Purchase Promise
Payment of Part of the Commodity Price at Promising Time
Calculation of Profits According to the Number of Days During which Payment is Made
Determination of the Percentage of Profit in the Purchase Promise
Arrival of the Goods Prior to the Arrival of the Documents in Murabahah Transactions
Bearing the Expenses of the Cancelled Credit
The Deals Contracted between the Client and the Exporter Prior to the Murabahah Contract
Agreement to Sell the Goods to the Bank at a Price Less than their Value and then the Client Pays the Difference
The Existence of a Relationship between the Client and the First Seller of the Goods
Using the Client License to Import Goods from the Exporter
Bearing of the Expenses Incurred before the Cancellation of Murabahah Transactions
شراء البنك آليات وتسجيلها باسمه وتأجيرها للغير
شراء بضائع مرابحة بموجب اعتمادات مستندية
الضابط لإعادة بيع حصة البنك للعميل عند مشاركته بأصل من عنده

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