Hybrid Contracts

A hybrid contract mixes the elements of a few contracts or various instruments to design a specific Shari'ah-compliant structure to serve a specific purpose in the Islamic Capital Markets (ICM). For further details see: ISLAMIC CAPITAL MARKETS: Principles & Practices.

Ijarah Muntahiah Bittamlik

LCs: Partial Coverage
A Hire-Purchase Agreement with More than One Associated Promise
Resolution No. 44 (6/5): Alternatives to Hire Purchase
Extension Of Leasing Period
Leasing Software
Promise to Lease and Transfer Ownership
Sale And Lease Back
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Issue Of Partial Completion in Istisna'a
The Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia (the SAC) 155th Meeting
Resolution No. 110 (4/12): "Lease Ending with Ownership and Leasing Bonds"
Car Rental Ending in Partial Transfer of Ownership
إخراج الزكاة في حالة التأجير المنتهي بالتمليك
توزيع أرباح الصكوك في أثناء فترة عمل المشروع وقبل الفراغ منه
Is It Allowed to Stipulate an Option to Either Buy Leased Property at the End of the Lease Period or Renew the Lease?
Can a Property Be Bought from a Company and Leased Back to It, Ending with a Gift of the Property to It?
Is it Permissible for an Islamic Bank to Lease Infrastructure to a Government Ministry?
Is Hire-Purchase of a Car Lawful at a Nominal Final Selling Price?
What is the Ruling on a Lease Agreement That Culminates in Ownership?
Is It Allowed To Give the Leased Car to the Lessee or Sell It to Him for a Nominal Price at the End of the Lease Contract?
Is It Allowed To Require the Lessee To Get Comprehensive Insurance for the Car and Assign the Lessor as the Policy’s Beneficiary?
Is it Permissible to Make an Advance Rental Payment at an Agreed-Upon Percentage In a Real Estate Lease Contract Ending with a Promise to Own the Real Estate?

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