Refers to anything prohibited by the Shari’ah. For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.

Leasing an Asset to Someone Who May Use It for Unlawful Acts
Is It Permissible to Trade in Playing Cards and Tobacco?
Can an Islamic Bank Facilitate the Import of Meat That Is Not Islamically Slaughtered?
المبالغ العائدة كأرباح من البنوك الخارجية
استعمال العائد الذي يتلقاه بنك البركة من بنك الجزائر لتسديد حصة البنك في شركة ضمان الودائع المصرفية
تمويل مشروع استثماري يستعمل إنتاجه في المحرمات
تمويل قاعات الحفلات والتسلية والإنترنت
معالجة الأرباح الناتجة عن مساهمة البنك في رأس مال شركة
Using Murabahah In Cigarette-Related Sales
Trading in Statues
Stipulating that Customers not Deal with Competitors
Stipulating that Customers not Deal with Competitors
Can an Islamic Bank Buy Property in a Non-Muslim Country if Some Tenants Have Shari‘ah Non-Compliant Businesses?
Is It Allowed to Lease Real Estate to Insurance Companies That Offer All Kinds of Insurance?
Can a Muslim Landlord Allow a Swimming Pool It Owns to Be a Place of Free Mixing between Males & Females?
Is it Allowed to Purchase a Building that Has Already Been Leased for Unlawful Practices?
Is It Allowed to Finance Hotels that Provide Prohibited Services?
Is it Allowed to Buy or Sell Shares of Companies that are Involved in Prohibited Activities while there Core Activity is Permissible?
Is it allowed to purchase two properties in Europe in the form of hotel apartments leased to an international hotel management company?
Is it allowed to finance a hotel project in Kuwait on land belonging to KFH and leased to the client?
Is it permissible to finance projects which include a portion of haram activities providing their increasing significance in the society?
Is it Allowed to Rent Out Airplanes to Foreign Companies that Sell Alcoholic Drinks to Passengers?
Is it Allowed to Participate in an Investment Consists of Leased Offices Where the Cafeteria Cannot Be Guaranteed not to Sell Pork?
Is it Allowed to Let Unlawful Practices Like Mixed Gender Swimming Pool In An Islamic Activity?
What Is the Price that Should be Paid in Case the BBA Contract is Deemed Invalid?
Is it Allowed to Invest in Residential Complexes that Contain Mixed-Gender Swimming Pool?
Depositor Customer’s Investment Fund from Doubtful Sources
Hukum Mempromosikan Produk Insurans Konvensional Menurut Perspektif Syariah
Is it Lawful to Open a Documentary Credit for a Customer in Order to Import Non-Alcoholic Beer?

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