Waqf: Literally: to retain or hold back. Technically: to make a property the inalienable property of its owner while making its yield and usufruct a charitable donation to specified beneficiaries. It has been declared lawful by the Qur'an, the Sunnah and ijmaa' (consensus).

Resolution No. 111(5/12): "Investment of Awqaf Resources"
Using Murabahah to Finance Charitable Projects
قرار رقم 182 (8/19) بشأن تطبيق نظام البناء والتشغيل والإعادة في تعمير الأوقاف والمرافق العامة
قرار رقم 140 (6/15) بشأن الاستثمار في الوقف وفي غلاته وريعه
Resolution No. 181 (19/7): Regarding endowing shares, sukuk, material rights and benefits
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Is it Allowed to Stipulate the Guarantee upon an Agent?
Is it Allowed to Involve in a Project that Provides Credit Lines to Invest in Education?
Hukum Berkaitan Pembangunan Tanah Wakaf Di Bawah Rancangan Malaysia Ke Sembilan (RMK-9)
Hukum Membangunkan Tanah Wakaf Khas Dengan Pembangunan Selain Daripada Niat Asal Pewakaf
Hukum Wakaf Bagi Tanah Bertaraf Hak Milik Terhad
Hukum Menyerahkan Sebahagian Tanah Wakaf Kepada Pihak Berkuasa
Saham Wakaf Dan Wakaf Ganti (Wakaf Ibdal)
Langkah-Langkah Membangunkan Hartanah Waqaf MAIN Dari Perspektif Hukum
Are waqf Assets Invested in Joint Stock Companies and Others Liable for Zakat?
Is Zakat Payable on Waqf Profits Allocated for Reserves?
Services of Charities on Murabahah Basis

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