Literally: to substitute one thing for another. Each of the items is called ‘iwad, a’wad. Technically: financial compensation paid for damage done to another. the compensation for fungible goods is to give a similar thing, whereas in nonfungible goods the value is to be paid. If the damage is partial, experts should evaluate the damage and determine the appropriate compensation. For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Who Is Liable for Damages to Rental Property?
Claiming Legal Expenses From The Customers
Forward Foreign Currency Transaction
Giving Hibah As Compensation For Delayed Payments
Ta'widh On Judgement Debt
A Seller Agrees to Accept Expired Products from the Buyer and Replace Them with New Products
Is It Permissible for Any Party of the Contract to Increase the Value of the Contract After Signing It and Concluding the Sale?
Is It Permissible to Contract a Sale of Goods That Have a Defect on the Condition That the Defect Be Explained to the Him Before the Contract Is Concluded?
Is It Allowed to Sell a Government-Issued License to Undertake a Project?
Any Link between the Insurance Settlement for Damaged Goods and the Seller’s Settlement with the Purchase Undertaker?
Damage to or Loss of the Purchased Good
Defects In The Subject Matter
Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods Exceeds the Actual Loss; What to Do with the Excess?
Is It Lawful for the Bank to Ask the Purchase Orderer to Guarantee It against Damages Caused to the Bank by the Primary Seller?
Overcompensation by the Insurance Company above the Actual Damage
The Buyer Guarantees the Reliability of a Fraudulent Exporter. Who Is Liable?
The Purchase Undertaker Requests the Intermediate Seller to Pass on Insurance Compensation for Damaged Goods
غرامة التأخير للعملاء في حالة المماطلة في سداد مبلغ الاعتماد
فرض غرامة تأخير على العميل الذي لا يفي بالتزاماته
غرامة التأخير والمماطلة في السداد
نكول الواعد بالشراء في شراء العملات
عقد الصرف الآجل
تحميل الوعاء العام مصاريف إصدار بطاقة التقسيط
تعويض العميل من قيمة البضاعة التالفة قبل تسلمه إياها
قيام البنك عند تلف البضاعة المستوردة باستيفاء مبلغ من شركة التأمين يزيد عن المبلغ الذي دفعه البنك
تحويل عملية مرابحة فاسدة إلى قرض حسن
مدى جواز تسجيل المبالغ الزائدة عن أصل الدين ضمن أرباح البنك
(كسر الوديعة (التخارج
Delayed Payments In A Murabahah Contract
Resolution No. 50 (2/6): Rulings on Installment Sales
Various Issues
What Is to Be Done if the Supplier Is Unable to Deliver Some of the Sold Goods?
Can a Credit Cardholder Refuse the Life Insurance Contract That Comes with It?
Commissions on Third-Party Insurance Policies
Fire Insurance
Full Compensation for a Damaged Insured Item That Has Not Been Fully Paid for
If Some of the Goods Are Damaged, Must the Price Be Adjusted?
If the Value of Insured Property Fluctuates, What Should the Insured Value Be?
Insurance against Investment Risks
Insurance against Vandalism
Insuring Cars and Other Items
Insuring Cash at Bank Branch Offices
Insuring Valued Possessions against Fire, Theft, Etc.
Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Allowed?
Marine Insurance for 110% of the Goods’ Value, Taking into Account Shipping Expenses among Other Factors
The Permissible Limits of Insurance Compensation
Transferring the Right to Benefit from Insurance to a Purchase Undertaker after the Sale
Transporting Goods with a Guarantee against Loss
Various Types of Banking Insurance
What Compensation Amount Should Be Obtained When Insuring Furniture against Fire?
When the Award for Personal Accident Insurance Exceeds the Diyah
Imposition Of Ta'widh In Islamic Finance
Accepting Hibah from The Customers
A Penalty Clause for Delay in a Murabahah Contract
Can a Penalty Clause for Late Payment Be Added to an Islamic Banking Contract?
What if an Unscrupulous Debtor Delays Payment to an Islamic Bank because It Doesn’t Charge Interest?
Who Is Liable for Goods Damaged after Reaching the Port if the End Buyer Did Not Delay in Trying to Claim Them?
Can a Financial Penalty Be Imposed for Breach of a Promise to Buy?
Can a Bank Put a Clause in an Installment Payment Contract Requiring the Buyer to Pay a Penalty for Late Payment?
Can the Lessor Charge the Lessee a Fee for Transferring the Lease to His Name?
Is “Key Money” Lawful When Leasing Shops?
Is It Allowed to Enter into Lease Contracts That Include Penalty Clauses? If So, What Should Be Done with Penalty Fees Collected?
Is Someone Entrusted with a Deposit Liable if It Gets Lost or Stolen?
Who Has the Right to Money Taken from Contractors Due to Construction Delays?
What is the Ruling on Providing Additional Services That Include Life Insurance to Visa Gold-Card Holders?
Some Conditions for Issuing a Visa Card
Is a Guarantee against any Defect in the Product of Istisna‘ Allowed?
Is it Allowed For an Islamic Bank to Accept Government Compensation for Lost Income Due to Force Majeure?
What are the Conditions of Istisna‘ Contract?
Resolution No. 133 (14/7): The Problem of Arrears in Islamic Financial Institutions

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