Literally: what must be paid. Technically: what must be paid as a disciplinary measure or compensation. Some said: what is given for fear of damage and hardship. It is also said: it is what needs to be paid as a burden, not as compensation. For further details see ISRA Compendium.

Can a Contractor Be Fined for a Delay in Completing a Job if No Damage Results from the Delay?
Penalty should be proportionate to actual damage
What is the Proof That a Bank Can Charge for the Expenses of Issuing a Letter of Guarantee?
Ta'widh On Judgement Debt
Can a Bank Stipulate Up-Front That, if a Customer Misses a Payment, He Must Pay Two Instalments?
Is It Allowed to Charge a Late Penalty on a Credit Card Holder if He Misses a Payment?
Fine Imposed by The Customs
صيغة الشرط الذي يضمن بالعقود لإلزام العميل بالزيادة التي تضاف لحساب مخصص الديون المتعثرة
إنفاق حصيلة الإيرادات الناتجة من الفوائد المحرمة وغرامات المدينين المعسرين المماطلين
غرامة التأخير للعملاء في حالة المماطلة في سداد مبلغ الاعتماد
(الغرامات المفروضة على المصارف من قبل البنك المركزي (بنك السودان
فرض عقوبات في حالة مماطلة المرابح
فرض غرامة تأخير على العميل الذي لا يفي بالتزاماته
غرامة التأخير والمماطلة في السداد
نكول الواعد بالشراء في شراء العملات
عقد الصرف الآجل
Delayed Payments In A Murabahah Contract
Murabahah Debt Restructuring with Central Banks as Guarantor
Resolution No. 50 (2/6): Rulings on Installment Sales
LG from a Conventional Bank as Security in Murabahah
Imposition Of Ta'widh In Islamic Finance
Judgement Of The Court With Regard To Penalties On Delayed Payments
Accepting Hibah from The Customers
A Penalty Clause for Delay in a Murabahah Contract
A Penalty Clause for Late Payment
Is it Lawful to Financially Penalize a Rich Debtor Who Delays Payment?
What Can an Islamic Bank Do if a Debtor Who Can Afford to Pay Delays Payment?
What if an Unscrupulous Debtor Delays Payment to an Islamic Bank because It Doesn’t Charge Interest?
Selling to Someone Who Will Resell Using Interest-Based Contracts
Selling to Someone Who Will Resell by Charging Interest
Who Bears Unexpected Demurrage Charges in a Murabahah Contract?
Can a Company in Partnership with an Islamic Bank Claim Reimbursement for Interest Charges on a Letter of Guarantee the Partner Got from a Conventional Bank without Consulting the Islamic Bank?
What is the Ruling on Selling Cars to a Usurious Institution?
What Is the Ruling on Sale by Installments?
Can a Financial Penalty Be Imposed for Breach of a Promise to Buy?
Can a Bank Put a Clause in an Installment Payment Contract Requiring the Buyer to Pay a Penalty for Late Payment?
Is it Allowed to Stipulate a Penalty Clause against the Defaulting Lessee in a Lease Contract?
Is It Allowed to Enter into Lease Contracts That Include Penalty Clauses? If So, What Should Be Done with Penalty Fees Collected?
Who Has the Right to Money Taken from Contractors Due to Construction Delays?
Can a Bank Take a Commission from Merchants Who Accept Its Debit Card for Payment?
Is It Allowed to Participate in a Project Involving Contracts That Contain Some Prohibited Clauses?
What is the Ruling of Investing in a Project that Aims to Purchase Shares of A Company?
Resolution No. 133 (14/7): The Problem of Arrears in Islamic Financial Institutions
What is the Ruling of Penalty Clause?
What is the shari‘ah ruling on penalty clause?
Is It Allowed for the Law Firm to Charge Fees to the Lessee for Late Payment?
Imposition of Ta`widh and Gharamah in Islamic Financing Facilities
Method of Late Payment Charge on Judgment Debt
Late Payment and Additional Recourse Charge
Hukum Penyaluran Hasil Gharamah Institusi Kewangan Islam Ke Baitulmal
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding Penalties on Credit Cards Holders Due to Violation of the Conditions of the Contract?
Is It Allowed to Accept the Request of a Customer Who Offered to Give Up His Profits in Order to Withdraw His Investment Deposit Before the End of the Period?
Is It Allowed for KFH to Retain the Late Penalty Charges on Defaulting Customers?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Islamic Credit Card Project Concerning the Purchase of Silver and Gold Islamic Cards Proposed by ABC Islamic Bank?
What’s the Shariah Opinion Regarding the Addition of American Express Services to KFH’s Point of Sale Equipment?
Commodity Storage Expenses and Demurrage Penalty etc. in Murabahah Transactions
The Condition of Delay Penalty in Murabahah Transactions

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