Maqasid al-Shari'ah

Maqasid al-Shariah as defined by Ibn 'Ashur means "the deeper meanings and inner aspects of wisdom (hikam) considered by the Lawgiver in all or most of the areas and circumstances of legislation". He also explained the importance of the knowledge of maqasid al-shari'ah for mujtahids not only in understanding and interpreting the texts of Shari'ah, but also to find soultions to the new problems facing Muslims and about which those texts are silent. Thus, maqasid al-shariah provides a guide and framework for the process of ijtihad to solve issues conforming to human interests while complying with the will of the Lawgiver.

Resolution No. 179 (19/5): Tawarruq: its meaning and types [Organised Tawarruq Impermissible in 2009]
Deposit Insurance Scheme
Resolution No. 67: Purchasing aviation fuel and selling it to Company S
قرار رقم 167 (5/18) بشأن المقاصد الشرعية ودورها في استنباط الأحكام
تمويل قاعات الحفلات والتسلية والإنترنت
تأمين البنك على أمواله وممتلكاته الخاصة
Resolution 149 (7/16): Concerning Health Insurance
Resolution No. 141 (7/15): The Issue Of Masalihu al-mursalah And Its Contemporary Applications
Resolution No. 181 (19/7): Regarding endowing shares, sukuk, material rights and benefits

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