Types of Takaful Product

In general, there are two types of takaful: general takaful and family takaful, which is comparable to life insurance.


Covers the physical house against loss or damage caused by floods, fires and other perils. For further details see: TAKAFUL: Realities and Challenges.

Commissions on Third-Party Insurance Policies
Fire Insurance
Full Compensation for a Damaged Insured Item That Has Not Been Fully Paid for
Insurance against Investment Risks
Insurance against Vandalism
Insurance of a Debt
Insuring Cars and Other Items
Insuring Cash at Bank Branch Offices
Insuring Valued Possessions against Fire, Theft, Etc.
Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Allowed?
The Permissible Limits of Insurance Compensation
Transporting Goods with a Guarantee against Loss
Various Types of Banking Insurance
What Compensation Amount Should Be Obtained When Insuring Furniture against Fire?
When the Award for Personal Accident Insurance Exceeds the Diyah

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