General takaful products are many and varied but the more common ones are burglary takaful, workmen's compensation takaful, personal accident takaful, employer's liability takaful, fidelity guarantee takaful, money takaful, plate glass takaful and public liability takaful. For further details see: TAKAFUL: Realities and Challenges.

الجهة التي تتحمل تكاليف التأمين في المرابحة
Do Subcontractors Who Contribute to Insurance Premiums Have a Right to a Refund Paid to the Main Contractor?
Fire Insurance
If the Value of Insured Property Fluctuates, What Should the Insured Value Be?
Insurance against Investment Risks
Insurance against Vandalism
Insurance of a Debt
Insuring Cash at Bank Branch Offices
Insuring Valued Possessions against Fire, Theft, Etc.
Transporting Goods with a Guarantee against Loss
Various Types of Banking Insurance
What Compensation Amount Should Be Obtained When Insuring Furniture against Fire?
When the Award for Personal Accident Insurance Exceeds the Diyah
Resolution No. 124 (13/6): Health Insurance and the Use of Health Cards
What’s the Ruling on Insurance Against Theft of a Company’s Stores, Against Fire for the Company Sites and Individual Health Insurance for Medical Treatment Outside Kuwait?
What is the Ruling on Individual Health Insurance for Receiving Medical Treatment Outside Kuwait?
What’s the Fatwa Committee’s Opinion Regarding Health Insurance for KFH’s Employees?
What is the Ruling on the takaful Health Insurance Policy Submitted to the Fatwa Committee on 13th August, 2003?
Is it Allowed for The First Takaful Insurance Company to authorize KFH to market the ‘temporary travel insurance policy’ in return for a fee?
What is the Ruling on Health Insurance for KFH’s Employees?
Takaful Cover for Islamic Credit Cardholders
Is it allowed for the Bank to insure its wealth and its exclusive properties?
Is it allowed for the Bank to insure its wealth and its exclusive properties?
Is It Allowed to Consider the Insurance Premiums as Part of the Expenses That Are Taken Into Consideration Upon Determining the Rent?
Insurance of Sold Commodity in Murabahah Transactions

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