The takaful fund’s financial outturn from the risk elements of its business, being the balance after deducting expenses and claims (including any movement in provision for outstanding claims) from the  contribution income and adding the investment returns (income and gains on investment assets). For further details see: ISRA, Islamic Financial System; Principles and Operations.

قرار رقم: 200 (6/21) بشأن: الأحكام والضوابط الشرعية لأُسس التأمين التعاوني
قرار رقم : 215 (11/22) بشأن استكمال بحث قضايا التأمين التعاوني ودراستها
Do Subcontractors Who Contribute to Insurance Premiums Have a Right to a Refund Paid to the Main Contractor?

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