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What is I-FIKR?

I-FIKR is a collection of significant database that is designed to meet the requirement of industry player, Shari’ah scholars, regulators, policy makers, the academics and researchers to cater for  the needs of research and development of  Islamic finance.


The key features of I-FIKR are:

  1. Islamic Finance Repository
    • Journal
    • Book
    • Research Papers
    • Compendium
    • Magazine
    • Articles
    • Bulletin
  2. The fatwa in Islamic finance, whereby the fatwa in Arabic are all translated into English
  3. Ontology system that has been applied in IFIKR Portal is expected to revolutionise the access and compilation of structured application data. It applies the power, simplicity and speed of search to knowledge and research application across the industry.  It has the ability to search and link applications, databases, and files  anywhere without risk of integration.


Access to the I-FIKR portal is through an annual subscription. The two subscription plan available are the individual plan and the corporate plan. In both of these plans, user has full access to view and download the material in I-FIKR .

If you have problem to access, please contact:
  • Telephone: +6 (03) 7651 4200 
  • E-mail: