Shari'ah Frameworks & Principles 1807 69.07%

Islamic Financial Markets 623 23.81%

Regulation, Supervision and Governance 60 2.29%

Islamic Economics 22 0.84%

Risk Management Principles 19 0.73%

General Issues and Challenges of IFS 85 3.25%

Total Fatwas in Database : 2317

Last updated 24 September 2017


Sectors of Islamic Finance Institutions

Banking 335
Consultancy/Advisory 23
Social Enterprise 0
FinTech 0
Takaful 32
Training 10
Hajj Services 2
HR 0
Investment 53
Micro Takaful 0
Microfinance 30
Crowdfunding 5
Research 7
Regulator 16
Waqf / Zakah Services 0
Retakaful 6
Education 5
Venture Capital 1

Latest Institution
Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia ( PIDM )

Last updated 24 September 2017




I-FIKR Ontology is a sophisticated innovative structure developed by ISRA. It maps out the entire Islamic finance industry, identifying the major branches, which are then sub-divided into particular topics. It shows the types, properties and interrelationships between the sectors. All the materials available on the I-FIKR portal are connected based on this rigorous and subtle design.

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News & Updates

Algeria Turns to Islamic Banking to Resolve its Financial Crisis

23 September, 2017

Algiers– Algeria will introduce Islamic financial services before 2018 as a way to cope with its financial crisis, announced Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia on Thursday. The services will be available at two state banks before the end of the year. Four others will adopt the measures in 2018. he added. The first sukuk, or Islamic bond, will also be adopted in 2018 as Algeria seeks new funding sources after a...

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ISRA participates with the coinciding event of the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly co-organized by the IDB and UNDP

20 September, 2017

Islamic finance, a strong and scalable funding source for global development Sep 20, 2017  Magdy Martínez-Solimán, UN Assistant Secretary General and Director of UNDP’s Bureau for Policy and Programme Support addressing the high level side event: 'Realizing Agenda 2030: How Islamic Finance through Impact Investing can help achieve the SDGs.' To his right are Mr. Sayed Aqa, Vice President of the Islamic Development Bank and Mr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, World Bank’s...

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Championing Islamic finance

20 September, 2017

PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s whistle-stop meeting with his British counterpart Theresa May at 10 Downing Street last Thursday when they vowed to strengthen business, trade and investment ties among others, comes at a time when the two countries are seeking to consolidate their cooperation in a post-Brexit Britain, including in the Islamic finance and investment space. Najib touched down in London effectively for a day en route to...

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