Insurable Interest in Takaful Pracitices : An Analysis

Pages: 38

This paper seeks to examine the application of insurable interest to takaful practices in general, with special reference to section 152 of the Insurance Act 1996. It is found that the unique features of takaful do allow for the application of insurable interest, but section 152 should be adopted in the Takaful Act only with certain modifications and guidelines, as have been discussed in the paper. However, it was found that there are still some unresolved issues in current takaful practice that require significant attention, issues related to the fundamental principles underlying takaful practices, such as the contract itself. It must be stressed, once again, that this paper only intends to bring forward a perspective or view on insurable interest in takafulpractice, especially from the perspective of the Shari’ah, which can be further discussed, examined and modified, if necessary. 






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