Piawaian Syariah dan Keperluan Operasi
ISSN: 9789671222058 | Bank Negara Malaysia
Shariah Standards And Operational Requirements
ISSN: 9789671222027 | Bank Negara Malaysia
Historical Root of Islamic Finance in Malaysia From The Pre-Islamic Era Until 1983
ISSN: 9789671222004 | Dr Riaz Ansary and Dr Syahida Abdullah
Islamic Capital Market - Principles & Practices
ISSN: ISBN 978-967-349-652-5 | ISRA
Islamic Legal Maxims and Their Application in Islamic Finance
ISSN: 967-10318-9-6 | Mohammad Akram Laldin, Said Bouheraoua, Riaz Ansary, Mohamed Fairooz Abdul Khir, Mohammad Mahbubi Ali and Madaa Munjid Mustafa
Fundamentals and Practices in Islamic Finance
ISSN: 978-983-44169-2-8 | Dr. Mohamad Akram Laldin, Executive Director, ISRA
Islamic Finance : An Old Skeleton in A Modern Dress
ISSN: 978-983-44169-3-5 | Dr. Asyraf Wajdi Dato' Dusuki, Head of Research Affairs, ISRA


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    To improve the quality and relevance, the contents of the 2nd edition have been updated and the formatting of each chapter has been standardized. This edition also offers greater clarity by providing clearer explanations, illustrations, and examples.

    The 2nd edition also provides updated information which is very important for the fast changing global Islamic f...