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  • 10th Muzakarah Cendekiawan Syariah Nusantara
    Hotel Sama-Sama, Kuala Lumpur | 1-2 June 2016

    Akademi Penyelidikan Syariah Antarabangsa dalam Kewangan Islam (ISRA) sekali lagi akan menganjurkan Muzakarah Cendekiawan Syariah Nusantara kali ke-10 (MCSN-10) . Muz ...More

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Shariah Contracts


  • Musharakah

    Musharakah (Partnership): The Arabic word musharakah is a derivative from the root word sharaka, which literally means sharing, and mixing shares of two or more parties to make them interchangeab ...

  • Tawarruq

    Tawarruq (Monetization/ Cash Financing/ Cash Procurement): Tawarruq is the infinitive (masdar) of the verb tawarraqa (to eat leaves); it is said as tawarraqa al-hayawan (i.e., the animal ate the ...

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  • رأس المال (ra’s al-mal) = Capital


    Technically: it depends on the kind of contract: in Salam the capital the amount paid in advance; in sleeping partnership the capital is the money given to the working partner: in investment partnership the capital is what the partner paid as his investment; ...


    Literally:the Arabic word means the basic wealth of a person excluding other earnings.. Almighty Allah says:

    ﴿وَإِن تُبْتُمْ فَلَكُمْ رُؤُوسُ أَمْوَالِكُمْ﴾

    Meaning: “But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sum ...


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  • Abstract:

    WHAT IS NEW IN THE 2ND EDITION? To improve the quality and relevance, the contents of the 2nd edition have been updated and the formatting of each chapter has been standardized. This edition also offers greater clarity by providing clearer explanations, illustrations, and examples. The 2nd edition also provides updated information which is very important for the fast changing global Islamic finance industry. Overall around 40% of the content has been revised in the 2...