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Newsfeed provides the latest contents on Islamic economy posted by global users to update other users with the various developments, among others, in Islamic finance and the halal industry.

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Ask Shari’ah

Search through I-FIKR specialized Shari’ah contents from Fatwas, Glossary, Excerpts and Fiqh (muamalat) on various matters related to Islamic finance.

Fatwas consist of various resolutions from the industry.

Glossary is extracted from ISRA Compendium for Islamic Finance Terms: English-Arabic-Malay.

Excerpts are short extracts for Shari’ah research.

Fiqh is various Shari’ah texts related to muamalat (Islamic transactions).

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This section provides a knowledge-sharing platform with access to various publications, such as books, research papers, articles and reports. This includes a first time ever online access to ISRA’s flagship books for global users. Users can also submit their publications to be placed in the library.

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Users can ask any questions that are then answered by the community. The answers are then upvoted by the community based on their relevance to the questions posted. Other users will be able to benefit from the questions and answers provided.

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Upcoming Islamic economy events are listed in this section for users to browse and select their events of interest. Users can also submit their upcoming events, especially in Islamic finance and the halal industry to be posted in this section.

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Web Content

The I-FIKR Web is still be available for our existing users to browse through the content. The content on the I-FIKR Web has been tailored to support the I-FIKR Apps functionalities.


Sheikh Dr. Nizam M.S. Yaquby
Shari’ah Supervisory Board Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions

“(ISRA) should continue developing this database, because as you know knowledge is accumulative. So, once you have lots of interview with scholars and others, it can be a base for audio-visual encyclopaedia (for Islamic economic and finance).”

Sheikh Datuk Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar
Founder and Group Chairman of Amanie Group

“It is a platform that can give, not only comprehensive knowledge but real knowledge about Islamic banking and finance. Through fatwas, articles and many other source of information that everyone who is adamant to become an effective Shariah scholar should spend the time and go through it, read it and try to discuss and try to exchange ideas using the I-FIKR Platform”

Sheikh Prof Dr. Muhammad Abdul Razak Al-Tabtaba'i
Chairman of Shariah Board, Kuwait Finance House (Kuwait, Bahrain and Malaysia)

“The platform of I-FIKR is a unique platform that has been developed by ISRA. It compiles various research and publications. It is an avenue for discussion between players of the Islamic economic and finance. It is an exceptional platform and it is important that we give it relevance in the field of Islamic economic and finance.” (Translated)

Sheikh Dr. Bashir Aliyu Umar
Secretary and Member of Financial Regulation Advisory Council of Experts of Central Bank of Nigeria (FRACE-CBN)

“(I-FIKR) is a platform for people who want to refer on issues related to Islamic finance, no matter whatever position they may be. Whether they are regulators, operators, Islamic scholars or even customers and depositors and other stakeholders of the Islamic financial service industry.”