Shari'ah Frameworks & Principles 65%

Islamic Financial Markets 28%

Regulation, Supervision and Governance 2%

Islamic Economics 1%

Risk Management Principles 1%

General Issues and Challenges of IFS 4%

Total Fatwas in Database : 2595

Last updated 23 June 2018


Sectors of Islamic Finance Institutions

Banking 605
Consultancy / Advisory 53
Social Enterprise 0
FinTech 0
Takaful 227
Training 11
Halal 3
Others 236
Investment 143
Micro Takaful 0
Microfinance 31
Crowdfunding 5
R&D 10
Regulator 19
Waqf / Zakah Services 0
Retakaful 6
Education 28
Venture Capital 1

Latest Institution
University College Of Islam Melaka - KUIM

Last updated 23 June 2018




I-FIKR Ontology is a sophisticated innovative structure developed by ISRA. It maps out the entire Islamic finance industry, identifying the major branches, which are then sub-divided into particular topics. It shows the types, properties and interrelationships between the sectors. All the materials available on the I-FIKR portal are connected based on this rigorous and subtle design.

News & Updates

Put in place policies to support Islamic Banking - IUIU lecturer

18 June, 2018

By ISMAIL MUSA LADU Kampala. Government must ensure that it puts in place policies and regulations to support Islamic Banking, according to a finance and banking lecturer at Islamic University in Uganda. Speaking in an interview at the weekend, Mr Sulaiman Lujja, the head of Islamic banking and finance at IUIU, said there should be caution given that new initiatives come with challenges and risks. Operations of Islamic Banking, he...

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FCI implements framework for Islamic factoring

18 June, 2018

FCI, the global representative of the factoring and receivables finance industry, has amended its ruleset to support sharia-compliant factoring. It has done so to “ensure that this important and growing branch of factoring is facilitated within the FCI member network”, the body says in a statement. The update, it adds, will “allow support for this type of business on a fully cross-border international basis”. FCI has made the changes to...

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Islamic finance industry grows 6% to be worth $2.4trn

14 June, 2018

The global Islamic finance industry grew to be worth more than $2.4 trillion by the end of 2017, according to a new report. The Global Islamic Finance Report (GIFR) 2018, which is scheduled to be launched at the Astana Islamic Economic Forum next month, showed the sector saw 6 percent growth last year. According to GIFR 2018, 2017 was the fourth consecutive year that the industry registered a single digit...

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