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The Islamic Finance Knowledge Repository (I-FIKR) is an innovative and dynamic platform initiated by the International Shariah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA) to cater to the growing demand of the industry for sound knowledge about Islamic economics and finance from a reputable source. I-FIKR is designed to meet the requirements of industry players, Shariah scholars, regulators, policy makers, academics, researchers and Islamic finance stakeholders in general.

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What We Offer


I-FIKR Store provides Islamic finance stakeholders with the opportunity to purchase various products related to Islamic finance. Now everyone can purchase Islamic finance related products at their convenience. Simply add any product to your cart and checkout to make your purchase.

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Featuring exclusive contributions by prominent Shariah scholars, policymakers, industry experts, entrepreneurs, academicians, and leading experts from around the world, each providing readers with cutting-edge analysis and insight, regardless of ability to pay.

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This section serves as a directory of various global institutions providing Islamic finance facilities, including financing, education, halal services, zakat, waqf, crowdfunding, fintech, etc. It also displays the content provided by the institution, making it easier for users to know the source of the information.

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IF Excerpts

Short and easy-to-read passages are extracted from Islamic economics and finance publications to help users easily find needed content. For example, excerpts are taken from ISRA Research Papers (IRPs) and made easily searchable and accessible in short formats. Excerpts are also taken from other publications to give users brief glimpses into the rich content.

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This provides an e-version of ISRA’s Compendium for Islamic Finance Terms (Arabic-English), which is regarded as one of the best references for Islamic finance terminology. It offers both literal and technical definitions of each term based on the views of classical and modern Shariah scholars.

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This is a list of experts and authors who have contributed to the I-FIKR platform in forms such as publications, columns, videos, etc. It displays all the major scholars and practitioners of Islamic economics and finance. Contact us to share your contribution and be among our valuable experts.

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Most Reliable Islamic Finance Research Platform

I-FIKR has been developed to address the lack of centralization of Islamic economics and finance content. At present, even though information on Islamic economics and finance is available on the internet, it is unstructured and disorganized, which makes it difficult to seek basic information about Islamic finance from reputable sources. I-FIKR is designed to fill this educational and social gap and provide a one-stop digital hub and solution for the Islamic economics and finance industry. All materials and contents are placed in a structured manner to accommodate various needs of the IF community.


Fundamentals of Shari'ah

This section breaks down the major components of Shariah that are relevant to Islamic economics and finance.


This section compiles fatwas and resolutions issued by various institutions. These include the Shariah resolutions of Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission Malaysia, the International Islamic Fiqh Academy of OIC, and Dallah al-Barakah, as well as the AAOIFI Shariah Standards, and the fatwas of Kuwait Finance House, Al-Rajhi Bank, and others. Many fatwas and articles presented in this section were translated from Arabic to English by ISRA to give non-Arabic speakers access to them. I-FIKR hosts the largest number of fatwas dedicated to Islamic finance.


Latest News

I-FIKR brings you daily news and updates on Islamic finance