About I-FIKR (I-FIKR App)

The Islamic Finance Knowledge Repository (I-FIKR) is an innovative and dynamic platform initiated to cater to the growing demands of the industry to gain sound knowledge about Islamic economy and finance from a reputable source. The platform has become a major reference point for Islamic economics and finance resources and publications.

The platform provides an array of resources including:

  1. Publications: This section acts as resource centre where it displays and stores all ISRA publications and other e-publications which include books, research papers, journals, reports, regulations, prospectuses, magazines, articles, etc.
  2. Fatwas & resolutions: This section compiles fatwas and resolutions issued by various institutions:
  • Regulatory and standard-setting bodies such as  Bank Negara Malaysia Shariah Resolutions, Securities Commission Malaysia resolutions, AAOIFI Shariah Standards
  • Shariah boards of Islamic financial institutions such Dallah al-Barakah resolutions, Kuwait Finance House fatwas and Al-Rajhi Bank fatwas.
  • Fatwa bodies such as International Islamic Fiqh Academy of OIC fatwas and articles.

Many of these fatwas and articles are translated from to English to ensure wider reachability for non-Arabic speaking users. There is over 2,500 fatwas and resolutions available for subscribers.

  1. Islamic finance videos: This section brings together various educational videos on Islamic economics and finance in a form of (i) short videos which are created specifically for I-FIKR subscribers and (ii) videos from Islamic economic and finance related events. Under reconstruction for now, will be back soon.
  2. Industry columns and news: This section provides I-FIKR viewers with up-to-date information. While the news section posts Islamic finance news and updates daily, the column section is profiles contemporary insights and views from industry experts.
  3. Institutional directories: This section serves as a directory of various institutions globally providing Islamic finance facilities. It also displays the content provided by the institution making it easier for users to know the source of the information.  
  4. Compendium of Islamic finance terminologies: This section is an e-version of ISRA’s Compendium for Islamic Finance Terms (Arabic-English) which is regarded as one of the best references for Islamic finance terminologies. It offers both literal and technical definitions of each terminology based on views of modern and classical Shariah scholars.
  5. Events: This section offers a list of upcoming events where users will be directed to the organiser’s webpage, hence they can immediately register to attend the event. The section also allows user to search past events to see the papers or slides presented.
  6. Ontology: This section represents the most innovative component of I-FIKR. Ontology is a sophisticated and comprehensive information tool which is exclusively developed to map out the entire Islamic financial system by identifying its major sectors, which are further sub-divided into various topics, and showing the relationships and connectivity between one sector and its sub-category to another.

In additional to the abovementioned, the launch of the I-FIKR App is a means to better facilitate for the need of the industry. The app is aimed to be the connecting point for the Islamic finance industry players, such as regulators, practitioners, entrepreneurs, academicians, economist, scholars, students, etc. The App will provide quicker access to reliable sources and a vital avenue for updates and for asking or answering questions related to Islamic finance in the community.

Features of the App includes:

- Have an at-a-glance view of the latest updates in Home – see the news, posts from other users and new events, all in once place.
- Use “Ask Shari’ah” section to gain access to specialized knowledge from the Islamic financial world – this includes Fatwas, Glossary, Excerpts and Fiqh*
- Something you didn’t find? Ask a question in Community for everyone on the platform to see. You can also answer other people’s questions, or search for questions.
- Go to Resources you will find books, articles, research papers, journals, and much more. It is a great, constantly updated library of all knowledge I-FIKR has to offer*
- There’s a dedicated Events section where you can keep track of all of what’s happening, with detailed information about each event and the possibility to buy tickets straight from the app.
- Customize your profile by adding a profile picture, or even filling out a short description about who you are, your position/institution, and education. 

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