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Penggantian Aset (Substitution Of Aset) dalam Akad Ijarah: Perspektif Fiqah dan Aplikasi dalam Instrumen Pasaran Modal Islam

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Isu-isu Kecuaian (Al-Taqsir) dan Pencerobohan (Al-Ta’addi): Jaminan dan Pengurusan Etika dalam Produk Mudarabah dan Musharakah

Event Papers

Issues of Taqsir, Ta'addi, Guarantees and Managing Moral Hazard in Mudarabah and Musharakah Products

Although Islamic finance has demonstrated impressive development over the last few decades, many critics continue to raise the issue of Islamic financial institutions’ (IFIs) reluctance to apply risk-sharing principles, especially mudarabah and musharakah contracts, in the kinds of financing they…

Research Paper

Challenges in the Application of Mudarabah and Musharakah Concepts in the Islamic Finance Industry in Malaysia

The Islamic finance and banking industry has grown tremendously during the past few years from an alternative form of financial intermediation for Muslims to a complete, competitive and integral component of the mainstream global financial system that serves both Muslims…

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Pre-Signing And Sequence In Contract Execution Of Islamic Banking Products

Customer pre-signing of all transactional documents in one sitting is a questionable procedure as it does not follow the required sequence in the Shariah concept of “offer and acceptance”. As “offer and acceptance” or “ijab and qabul” (i.e. sighah) is,…

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Laporan Awal Penyelidikan Isu-Isu Kecuaian (Taqsir) Dan Pencerobohan (Ta‘Addi): Jaminan Dan Pengurusan Etika Dalam Produk Mudarabah Dan Musharakah (Kertas Kerja)


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The Issue of sequence and Pre-Signingin Contract Execution : A Comparison of Shari'ah Rules and Current Practice

Pre-signing refers to the event in which the customer signs a series of Shari'ah transactional documents (including legal documents) at a single sitting; and, thereafter, the bank shall sign the same documents at a separate sitting on a later date.…

Research Paper

Purchase Undertaking Issues in Musharakah Mutanaqisah Home Financing

This article aims to discuss the issues of purchase undertaking in musharakah mutanaqisah home financing as practised by Islamic banks in Malaysia. This aim can only be achieved by analysing and examining its features in order to determine its inclination either towards shirkat…

Journal (English)