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Global Regulatory Reforms and their impact on the Islamic Banking Industry

Global Islamic Economic Magazine

Is Fudhuli (Unauthorised Agent) Contract Valid in the Eyes of English Law?

Global Islamic Economic Magazine

Dispute Resolutions in Islamic Contract: What are the Options?

Global Islamic Economic Magazine

Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR): Expanding Options in Local and Cross Border Islamic Finance Cases - Hard Cover

Authored by Hakimah Yaacob, ISRA researcher This book contains a detailed discussion of each of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) i.e arbitration, mediation, conciliation options and the possibility of applying them to Islamic finance disputes, taking into account the backgrounds of…


Insolvency Law in Malaysia and the Adjudication Order (Taflis) on a Bankrupt in Islamic Finance: Similarities and Differences

This study aims to analyze the scope of bankruptcy under the Malaysian law and from the perspective of the Shari'ah, and the need to reform the existing legal, regulatory provisions and procedures in order to meet Shari'ah requirements.

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Brief on Islamic Finance Cases 1987 - 2009


Event Papers

List of Islamic Finance Cases 1987 - 2009



The Bindingness And Enforceability Of A Unilateral Promise (Wa'd): An Analysis From Islamic Law And Legal Perspectives

The study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the bindingness and enforceability of a unilateral promise (wa'd) from both the Islamic law and legal perspectives. At the outset, the research also addresses the Shari'ah rulings of some related principles,…

Research Paper

International Convention For Islamic Finance: Towards Standardisation

Global Islamic finance is faced with many unresolved issues that demand urgent attention from all parties involved. One of the pressing issues is the lack of standardisation to face globalisation within the industry. An attempt is made herein to examine…

Research Paper

Analysis Of Legal Disputes In Islamic Finance And The Way Forward: With Special Reference To A Study Conducted At Muamalat Court, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The main objective of this paper is to examine the disputed issues in the cases examined by the Muamalat Court. The study also aims at studying the legal impediments in the current provisions that hamper the growth of mumalat law.…

Research Paper

A Critical Appraisal of International Islamic Finance Cases, and the Way Forward

This research attempts to critically analyse selected reported Islamic finance cases that were decided in the English courts. In addition, cases related to Islamic finance from other jurisdictions will also be analysed for comparative purposes. In doing so, the scope…

Research Paper

The New Central Bank Act 2009 (Act 701) : Enhancing the Integrity and Role of the Shari'ah Advisory Council (SAC) in Islamic Finance

The new Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009, known as Act 701, was gazetted on the 3rd of September 2009. Anything related to Islamic finance is thoroughly discussed in Part VII of the Act. The previous Central Bank of Malaysia…

Research Paper

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Legal Challenges and the Way Forward

As there are increasing numbers of Islamic finance cases that are brought to court, it is timely to explore alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for Islamic finance. This note sums the objective and benefit of the research.

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