Mohamad Bahroddin Badri

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Preference Shares: An Analysis of Shari'ah Issues

From their original feature of preference in dividend distributions, preference shares have evolved significantly to the present time with a range of other rights granted to their holders. The classification of preference shares in financial reporting based on International Financial…

Research Paper

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Q3 2015 - Sukuk Review

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Quarterly Sukuk Review

Application of Incentive Fee in Islamic Finance: An Analysis of the Fiqhi Characterization

The concept of incentive fee (also called performance fee) is used in conventional finance to encourage fund managers to improve their performance level and provide the best return for their clients. It is a common feature of most alternative investment…

Research Paper

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Q4 2014 - Sukuk Review

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Quarterly Sukuk Review

Application Of Tanāzul In Ṣukūk And Preference Shares: A Critical Analysis From The SharīʿAh Perspective

This research aims to explore the implementation of tanāzul in the structuring of Islamic financial products, e.g., subordinated ṣukūk and preference shares, and examines possible Sharīʿah issues in the practice of predetermined upfront tanāzul in mushārakah- and muḍārabah-based financial products.

Journal (English)

Analisis Kewajipan Zakat Emas Terhadap Pelaburan Emas di Malaysia

Kewajipan mengeluarkan zakat emas secara umumnya dinaskan di dalam al-Quran, Sunah dan ijmak. Pada hari ini, sesetengah masyarakat Islam yang terlibat dalam pelaburan emas mula menimbulkan isu kewajipan zakat emas terhadap pelbagai jenis pelaburan emas yang ada di pasaran. Ini…

Research Paper

Analisis Syariah Terhadap Produk-Produk Pelaburan Emas Di Malaysia

Aktiviti pelaburan emas semakin rancak di Malaysia dan disertai oleh pelbagai golongan termasuk umat Islam. Dari perspektif syariah, produk-produk dan teknik-teknik pelaburan emas perlu menepati prinsip dan hukum syarak, supaya aktiviti kewangan masyarakat Islam tidak terkeluar daripada landasan agama. Kertas…

Research Paper