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A proposed human resource management model for zakat institutions in Malaysia

Purpose The purpose of this study is to propose a contemporary human resource management (HRM) framework by zakat institutions, which collect and manage religious alms, both obligatory (zakat) and voluntary (ṣadaqah), in Malaysia.   Design/methodology/approach In doing so, discussions pertaining…

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Alternative Financing Modes for Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia: Socially Responsible Investment Sukuk, Social Impact Bonds, and Public-Private Partnerships

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Higher education in Malaysia is facing many challenges including rising costs, low repayment rates of the National Higher Education Fund (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional, PTPTN), and the need to continuously improve educational quality. In addressing these…

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Enhancing Shariah Compliance of Islamic Financial Institutions through Shariah Governance

Enhancing Shariah Compliance of Islamic Financial Institutions through Shariah Governance Prof. Dr. Rusni Hassan

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Islamic finance is becoming one of the most significant additions to the modern global financial system. As interest piques and growth is seen throughout the Islamic financial system, the subject of corporate governance becomes more important for the obvious reason…


An Empirical Study of the Effectiveness of the Shariah Governance Framework (SGF 2010)

This research has been funded by Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad (BMMB). The copyright of this research belongs to BMMB. However, BMMB has given ISRA an exclusive license to publish the output of this research as an ISRA Research Paper (IRP).…

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Islamic Financial System and its Ethical Values: A solution to Financial Crisis

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An Analysis Of Shari'ah Non-Compliant Events In Islamic Banks: Evidence From Malaysia

This study aims to explore the phenomenon of Shariah non-compliant events (SNE) in Islamic banks (IBs) by critically examining the implication of failure to comply with the BNM Shariah Standards on the Shariah-compliant status of the underlying transaction entered into…

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A Comparative Analysis of Shari'ah Governance in Islamic Banking Institutions Across Jurisdictions

The Shari'ah governance framework is a unique institutional structure in Islamic banks and financial institutions. Its function is to ensure that the operations of such institutions are Shari'ah compliant. The structure of Shari'ah governance takes different forms in different countries…

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An Analysis of the Role and Competency of the Shari'ah Committees (SCs) of Islamic Banks and Financial Service Providers

IFSB’s Guiding Principles on Shari'ah Governance Systems for Institutions Offering Islamic Financial Services defines “Shari'ah governance system” as the set of institutional and organisational arrangements through which an institution offering Islamic financial services oversees Shari'ah compliance, i.e., that Islamic banking…

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