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(Amend) Report on the 4 th International Conference on Islamic Business (ICIB - 2016) - [Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM)]

The 4th international conference on Islamic business by the Riphah international University discussed the theme: Islamic Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurial Development, and Public Policy for Socio-economic Well-being. Initially, the 4th Conference was planned to be held at Madinah al-Munawarah. MoU was…


A Concise Glossary on Technical Terms used in the Literature on Islamic Business and Finance [Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM)]

Editor’s Note: A comprehensive glossary of Shari‘ah related terms used in Islamic commercial   law –business,   banking   and   finance  was published in the JIBM, Vol.2 No.2, 2012.  In continuation of that, JIBM is making another humble addition…