Noureddine Krichene

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A Gold Standard International Payments System Anchored In Islamic Finance

Historically, gold was the natural money chosen by markets for domestic and international payments. Conventional banking and financial crises led to the abandonment of gold. The post-Bretton-Woods inconvertible paper system was quickly marked by inflation and economic disorders. The 2007-2008…

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Re-Introducing Gold: An Islamic Finance Approach

This paper presents a practical strategy for implementing the gold standard, from an Islamic perspective, in an economy that wishes to return to the gold standard. The strategy seeks to introduce Islamic finance as prerequisite for a lasting gold standard.…

Journal (English)

Unsustainability of the Regime of Interest-Based Debt Financing

Evidence has been mounting that the interest-based debt financing regime is under increasing distress. Evidence also suggests that financial crises—despite the various labels assigned to them: exchange rate crisis or banking crisis—have been debt crises in essence. At present, data…

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