Muhd Ramadhan Fitri Ellias

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Perpetual Sukuk: A Preliminary Shari’ah Assessment

Perpetual sukuk are among the latest innovative instrument in the Islamic capital market. The introduction of this instrument has been driven by its commercial advantages as well as new regulatory requirements particularly in the financial sector. Perpetual sukuk have distinctive…

Journal (English)

Application of The Concept Of Beneficial Ownership in Sukuk Structures: An Islamic Legal Analysis

Asset ownership is an important aspect of sukuk structuring and issuance. However, a recurring and contentious issue regarding the underlying sukuk asset is the actual nature of its ownership and the corresponding legal implications for sukuk holders and other parties…

Journal (English)

The Issue Of Principal-Agent In Sale-Based Transactions From The SharīʿAh Perspective

Proper operational execution of underlying Sharīʿah principles applied in Islamic banking products is essential to ensure their validity and compliance with the Sharīʿah. However, more often than not, the customers of Islamic banks expect more simplified processes when it comes…

Journal (English)

Aplikasi Ijarah Mawsufah Fi Dhimmah (Pajakan Hadapan) Dalam Perbank (Kertas Kerja)


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