Rafe Haneef

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Has Islamic Finance Bridged the Disconnect with the Real Economy?

Event Papers

Islamic Finance: Legal And Institutional Challenges

The paper focuses on some of the challenges and constraints faced by the contemporary Islamic finance industry. The paper will also briefly discuss the epistemological foundation of Islamic finance and the general outline of an ideal Islamic financial system. The…

Journal (English)

The Case for Receivables-Based Sukuk: Convergence Between the Malaysian and Global Shari'ah Standards on Bay' al Dayn?

The sukuk market has been an innovative market, with sukuk structures evolving from “asset-backed” to “asset-based” and from “blended-assets” to “asset-light” structures. New sukuk structures were introduced mainly to solve the key problem faced by issuers who lack suitable Shari'ah-compliant…

Journal (English)

Reshaping the Islamic Finance Industry Applying the Lessons Learnt from the Global Financial Crisis

In the last 27 years, the world has witnessed more than 124 distinct financial crises. The financial meltdown caused by the current global financial crisis brought the financial world to its knees. This paper aims to discuss how the Islamic…

Research Paper

Is the Ban on "Organised Tawarruq" The Tip of The Iceberg?

The paper discusses and analyses the perspectives of both opponents and proponents of tawarruq with the view of ascertaining the soundness of the Fiqh Academy ruling. Interestingly, the tawarruq ruling epitomizes the growing divide between proponents and opponents of the contemporary Islamic finance industry…

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