Mohd Bahroddin Badri

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Preference shares: analysis of Shari'ah issues

Abstract Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyze the different features of preference shares from accounting and Sharīʿah perspectives. It also aims to study Sharīʿah issues arising from preference shares and to subsequently propose solutions for identified…

Journal (English)

Towards Greater Global Connectivity in Islamic Finance: An Empirical Analysis on Shari'ah Rules and Interpretations Across Jurisdictions

Internationalization of Islamic finance is an effort to transcend national boundaries and bring new business dimensions to the emerging Islamic markets. It is an offer to embrace innovative governance and financial products and services that bridge economies, foster global linkages…

Research Paper

WAQF in Islamic Financial Institutions: Unleashing its Potential

Global Islamic Economic Magazine

Zakat Saham: Status Kewajipan ke atas Individu Pemegang Saham dan Kaedah Pengiraan

Kajian ini dilakukan bagi menganalisis hukum zakat saham dari perspektif yang lebih komprehensif. Pelaburan atau penyertaan dalam perniagaan melalui pembelian saham-saham syarikat merupakan pemilikan aset bentuk baharu, dan kerana itu kaedah pemilikan ini tidak dibicarakan dalam rujukan-rujukan klasik. Oleh itu,…

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Risk Taking in Islamic Commercial Transactions: A Fiqhi Perspective

Islamic finance has distinctive characteristics built upon the Shari'ah principles that govern and regulate contractual relationships in financial transactions. Islamic finance is distinguished, not only by its strong connection to Islamic law, but also by Islamic ethics that provide the…

Research Paper

Qabd (Possession): An Overview

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Fatwa in Islamic Finance

Tanazul in Sukuk Issuances: A Critical Analysis of the Malaysian Applications

Tanāzul (waiver) is a common feature applied in ṣukūk issuances in the context of the Malaysian Islamic financial industry. Despite its common use, the application of tanāzul remains debated among contemporary Sharīʿah scholars, particularly in the structures of mushārakah and…

Research Paper

Riba vs al-kharaj bi al-daman

Global Islamic Economic Magazine

Critical Appraisal of the Letter of Guarantee (Khitab al-Daman) in Malaysian Islamic Finance Practices

A letter of guarantee is an indemnity letter issued by a guarantor under the principle of kafalah?the term used in Malaysia for a guarantee—to guarantee the payment obligation should the guaranteed party fail to fulfil its contractual obligations. In other…

Research Paper

Istisna’ Sukuk: A Preliminary Glimpse - April 2014 - Fatwa in Islamic Finance

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Fatwa in Islamic Finance

Murabahah Sukuk: A Brief Snapshot - March 2014 - Fatwa in Islamic Finance

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Fatwa in Islamic Finance

Charging Fee on Letter of Guarantee - Is it Permissible? February 2014 - Fatwa in Islamic Finance

ISRA Bloomberg Bulletin Fatwa in Islamic Finance

Critical Appraisal of The Rahn-Based Islamic Microcredit Facility

The rahn-based Islamic microcredit facility is currently popular among Islamic financial institutions in Malaysia, essentially because of its commercial features, which make it attractive and competitive with conventional pawnbroking. However, the substance of this product triggers some Shari'ah issues, which…

Research Paper

Credit Guarantee Scheme: A Combination of Kafalah and Wakalah Bi Ajr as an Alternative to Kafalah Bi Ajr

This research analyses the operation of the credit guarantee scheme that prevails in the market and examines the jurists’ views and arguments pertaining to the ruling on charging a fee for providing a liquidity guarantee. The research also explores the…

Journal (English)