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ISRA-Thomson Reuters - Islamic Commercial Law Report 2018

Since the 1970s, economic trends worldwide have resulted in a huge increase in the flows of capital, goods, services and labour, known as globalization. While this liberalization has undeniably resulted in a huge overall increase in wealth and efficiency, it…


ISRA-Thomson Reuters - Islamic Commercial Law Report 2017

The Islamic Capital Market: An Outlook Shariah-compliant banking has become an established feature of the financial landscape in 60 countries. Millions of individuals and corporations have turned to Islamic banking both to satisfy their religious and ethical principles and to…


ISRA & THOMSON REUTERS Launch Inaugural Joint Publication on Islamic Commercial Law Report 2016

Global Islamic Economic Magazine

ISRA Thomson Reuters Islamic Commercial Law Report 2016

Introduction The Shariah is what distinguishes Islamic finance. It is the guidance that creates opportunities and responsibilities. The success of Islamic finance depends on endeavouring to understand it, applying it thoughtfully, enabling adherence to it, and understanding the many risks…