Asma Gul

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University Students’ Islamic Work Ethics and their Attitude towards Business Ethics: Evidence from Asia [Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM)]

The  current  study  investigates  the  students’  attitude  towards  business ethics and Islāmic  work  ethics  (IWE)  in  four Asian Muslim countries i.e. Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE) and  Malaysia.  It  also  examines  the  differences  in  attitudes…


Combined Effects of Ethical Leadership and Islamic Work Ethics (IWE) on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction [Journal of Islamic Business and Management (JIBM)]

This  paper  examines  the  direct  and  interactive  effect  of  ethical  leadership  and  Islamic  Work Ethics  (IWE)on  employee’s  organizational  commitment  and  job  satisfaction.  Using  a  self administered  survey  questionnaire,  data  was  collected  from  237  employees  working  in  public and  private  sector …