Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)

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Islamic Financial Services Act 2013

An Act to provide for the regulation and supervision of Islamic financial institutions, payment systems and other relevant entities and the oversight of the Islamic money market and Islamic foreign exchange market to promote financial stability and compliance with Shariah…


Capital Adequacy Framework (Capital Components) - BNM

  Capital Adequacy Framework  (Capital Components) - BNM PART A  OVERVIEW 1 Introduction   1.1 Regulatory capital requirements seek to ensure that risk exposures of a financial institution are backed by an adequate amount of high quality capital which absorbs…


Capital Adequacy Framework for Islamic Banks (Risk-Weighted Assets) - BNM

  Capital Adequacy Framework for Islamic Banks (Risk-Weighted Assets) - BNM   PART  A OVERVIEW   A.1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 This document is part of the Capital Adequacy Framework for Islamic Banking institutions (Risk-Weighted Assets) (the Framework) specifies the measurement…


Bai` al-Sarf (Shariah Requirements and Optional Practices) - BNM Exposure Draft

BNM Exposure Draft - Bai` al - Sarf   As part of the objective to strengthen the Shariah-compliance practices among Islamic financial institutions (IFIs), Bank Negara Malaysia (the Bank) is embarking on an initiative to develop a Shariah-based regulatory framework.…