Sarajevo Islamic Finance and Economics Conference  245

Start Date : 22nd June 2018
End Date : 22nd June 2018
Venue : Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country : Bosnia-Herzegovina
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·  Sarajevo Islamic Finance and Economics Conference - SIFEC is the traditional conference in the field of Islamic economics and finance in this part of Europe and that brings together numerous esteemed domestic and international academicians, experts and students in the field of Islamic economics and finance. It addresses the contemporary issues in the field of Islamic economics, banking and finance. Islamic finance is one of the fastest growing global finance segments that capture the attention of not only theoreticians, but also practitioners.

· The main purpose of the Conference is to gather experts in the field of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, who will present their scientific research papers as well as exchange experiences from this important scientific field. This will provide an opportunity for students to exchange experiences and ideas with scientific experts, and the establishment of a stable network of academics and business people in this important area is also expected.

· Vision of the SIFEC conference is to create a hub for Islamic Economics Banking and Finance in the very specific and important part of the world which is the South-east Europe. That is the point where East and West meet and share their core values and trends. Especcially in the town of Sarajevo, the second Jerusalem, city with so many different stories, specific tradition, cultural and religious diversity, and fantastic touristic opportunities.


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