International Conference on Islamic Economics, Business and Finance - ICIEBF  439

Start Date : 18th September 2018
End Date : 19th September 2018
Venue : Jakarta, Indonesia
Country : Indonesia
Total participant : 0
Total Interested : 0
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About Conference

Welcome to the 1st ICIEBF. International Conference on Islamic Economics, Business, and Finance (ICIEBF) formerly affiliated with International Conference on Indonesian Economy and Development (ICIED) with aims to facilitate global researchers on presenting as well as publishing their research in Scopus-indexed journal and other journals under the specific themes. Prior to the previous ICIED organizing, the topics of Islamic economics, Islamic business, and Islamic finance experienced the highest level of participation. To provide a wider space of discussion, Department of Economics Universitas Indonesia hosted The 1st ICIEBF along with The 3rd ICIED this year. Participants of The 1st ICIEBF will get the opportunity to present their research and publish it in Scopus-indexed Islamic economic journals and other reputable journals on national as well as international scale. The main conference will be held on July 31st-August 1st in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The 1st ICIEBF brings a theme “Enhancing Islamic Economic, Business, and Finance: Towards The Real Economy and Sustainable Development“. It highlights both the role of Islamic economics, business, and finance in current economic environment whilst promoting the ultimate goal of Islam namely the real economy and sustainable development.
Paper submission must be done electronically via our online conference system (to be informed). Selected papers of the 1st ICIEBF are subject to normal refereeing process and will be invited to Scopus indexed journal.



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