3rd Arab Entrepreneurs Forum  526

Start Date : 4th September 2018
End Date : 6th September 2018
Venue : Salalah, Oman
Country : Oman
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Digital economy is one of the most important current application to use and interconnect with the Internet, which has resulted in a vast space and an important reality. In fact, digital economy has become the most important pillar of the current global economic system. It has contributed to the convergence of the economic world to a degree exceeding all past decade expectations. The whole world became a small village.
However, even though it has become a global trend, we find that some Arab companies are still far from adopting the digital economy. Most Arab countries still need to give more attention to keep abreast of electronic transactions. It is to be noted that the total Arab spending through e-commerce does not exceed $ 95 million annually. On the other hand, many Arab countries are trying to follow the latest developments in the field of information and communication technology and their new developments by promoting and modernizing their economies to cope with the rapid and successive developments of information technology. Consequently, these countries have begun to rely on e-business in their dealing with the markets in which their companies do their business activities.
As mentioned above, the digital economy has become a reality, and the Sultanate should participate in this field to make use of its advantages while avoiding its flaws.
World figures and statistics give us an indication that efforts should be intensified to promote the digital economy in all sectors and to create an environment that enhances e-business.
The 3rd Arab Entrepreneurs Forum aims at activating the role of small and medium enterprises in the Sultanate and enabling them to market their products and services through the Internet inside and outside Oman. This will contribute to developing their competitiveness and raising their efficiency as well as increasing their export opportunities to the outside world.

About the Forum
This forum is one of the most important events held in the Sultanate of Oman. The forum shall host large number of entrepreneurs, businessmen, decision-makers, leaders, consulting and training offices in the field of entrepreneurship and e-commerce, political leaders, stakeholders involved in innovation, financial institutions, banking and finance agencies, and supporting government agencies. The Forum is keen to communicate with international and local experts in the field of entrepreneurship, e-commerce and SMEs to discuss the requirements for innovation and entrepreneurship and to discuss the obstacles they face, and the practical solutions to the success of these projects and their transformation into a comprehensive development economy.
Objectives of the Forum
- Increase awareness of the digital economy and the importance of e-commerce.
- Activate the role of the business sectors in the Sultanate and prepare them to market their products and services through the global network at home and abroad.
- Review the legal and regulatory framework that will contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the Sultanate's exports to the world markets.
- To make the best use of the science of electronic commerce and electronic marketing.
Forum Areas
- Information and Communication Technology.
- Various fields of trade and technology.
- Laws and regulations for electronic transactions.
- The Arab world and e-governments.
- The logistics sector and the global electronic work system.
Topics of the Forum
- Development of electronic exports: Review the most important developments in this regard and keep abreast of these developments, as well as to take advantage of the international experiences in this field and activate them in a way that contributes to supporting national exports, as well as reviewing the various mechanisms for exporting goods and products electronically.
- Electronic trade exchange: The most important national, regional and international experiences in the fields of electronic marketing, selling and buying through.
- Electronic financial transactions: The discussion of this topic aims to discuss the development of electronic payment systems and provide the appropriate environment to carry out all the necessary banking operations.
- Role of the digital economy in the development of exports of small and medium enterprises: It will address the most important aspects of improving the performance of small and medium enterprises in the Sultanate and the possibility of developing its performance to deal with the requirements of electronic commerce.
- Increasing awareness and knowledge of the digital economy and the importance of e-commerce in the Arab world.
Target group
- Government decision-makers for innovation, entrepreneurship, investment and small and medium-sized enterprises
- Ministries concerned with industry, technology and communications.
- Universities, colleges, business incubators and specialized research and technological centers.
- Associations and boards of trade unions concerned.
- Relevant Arab and international organizations and bodies.
- Small and medium enterprises and those interested in entrepreneurship.
- Job seekers.
Activities and events alongside the Forum
- Consultation dialogue session.
- Specialized Training Courses .
- Tours.
- Sideline Exhibition
- Presentation of successful experiments.


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